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Flush Doors – Cost Quality Installation Life N Advantages

    Flush doors are the readymade door options that are easily available in the market under various brand names, quality, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Generally, these flush doors are available in ready to install condition and they can be simply bought and installed onto the door frame of your home.

    A flush door is a great alternative for the wooden door as one can prepare them very easily and at a quick pace. As compared to a wooden door it is available at a much cheaper rate and it is highly functional and useful especially as an interior door in the home. This is the reason it is becoming very popular day by day.

    There are many varieties of flush doors available in the market and all of these varieties are prepared from a combination of different types of woods. The main outer frame of the flush door is made of good quality wood like pine, maple, etc and the remaining part of the door is filled with medium or average quality woods or plywood.

    flush doors

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flush Doors

    The flush doors are the modern-day options and they are becoming popular day by day. The reach of these doors has extended to almost all parts of the country as they have a lot of advantages and only a few disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of flush doors.

    Advantages Of Flush Door

    Amazing Finish

    The best thing about flush doors is that they can be obtained in many amazing types of finishes. They can be painted, or else you can paste mica, veneer, laminate, PVC, or any other such material on them to get beautiful finishing.

    Affordable Option

    The flush doors are very affordable and they are also available in many different price ranges. They are comparatively less expensive than the other options. You will have hundreds of choices for all kinds of budget, size, and quality options.

    Easy To Install

    These doors are very easy to install and are readily available in the market for quick installation. These doors are available in standard sizes in the market and you can purchase the most appropriate size as per your door frame size for quick installation.

    Highly Durable

    These doors are highly durable and can function at their best for a very long duration of time. They do not require a lot of maintenance, you just need to keep them clean and check them at some intervals to keep clear of the termite infestation.

    Modern Option

    Flush Doors are relatively modern and they are also pretty much in trend these days. These doors can be designed in a plethora of ways to suit all kind of your decor needs. Good quality flush doors look very classy and elegant in the home.

    Easy To Use

    These doors are comparatively lighter than the traditional doors and hence they have a good swing. They are much easier to open and shut, and they do not even expand and contract a lot with the changing weather like the traditional wooden door.

    flush door advantages disadvantages

    Disadvantages Of Flush Door

    External Application

    Most of the flush doors are not very appropriate for external usage as plywood forms a major part of these doors. When plywood gets exposed to moisture, water, and sunlight the condition of the door can deteriorate quickly.

    Standard Sizes

    The flush doors are available as readymade options in the market and as such, they are available in standard sizes. So you can face some issues if you have a custom requirement regarding the size of the door.

    Door Strength

    Although the flush doors work pretty well for a long duration of time they are not as strong as the traditional wooden doors. Only a solid core door provides a good amount of strength for your home doors.

    Quality Judgment

    The judgment of the quality of a flush door is not quite easy as it comes in proper finish mode and as such, it is hard to judge it. The door may seem to be of excellent quality, but it may not be. So you should always go with good brands in the market.

    Lifespan Of Flush Door

    The lifespan of a flush door will depend on a lot of different factors like the quality of the flush door, the place it is being used, maintenance of the door, exposure to sunlight, exposure to moisture, exposure to water, and other such factors.

    A good quality flush door can easily survive for over 20 years if it is used and maintained properly over the period. Most of the flush doors are well suited for use as internal doors of the home. And as internal doors, they do not require a lot of maintenance and care also.

    Qualities Of Flush Door

    flush door life

    Depending upon the quality of the wood and the amount of wood used in making the flush door it is of the following three types.

    Hollow Core Flush Door

    This type of flush door is quality-wise the lowest option that you can get. It consists of many hollow spaces in between the door and as such, it is pretty light in weight. This door is completed by pasting a thin sheet of mica, veneer, or plywood on the front and the backside of the door.

    Cellular Core Flush Door

    This type of flush door has a few voids or gaps in between the door and as such, it is stronger and also heavier in weight than a hollow-core flush door. This type of door can be used for making the interior doors of your home.

    Solid Core Flush Door

    The solid core flush door is probably the best type of flush door available in the market. It does not consist of any kind of hollow or void spaces in between the door. As such it is a heavy and strong option and it can be used for making both interior and exterior doors in your home.

    Cost or Price Of Flush Doors

    flush door cost price

    There are various factors that will decide the overall price of a flush door. Some of the main factors are as follows –

    • Type of the door.
    • Size of the door.
    • Quality of the door.
    • The thickness of the door.
    • Covering material.
    • Brand name.

    Since there are so many different factors in play while deciding the cost of the flush door it is not easy to generalize its cost. And this is probably the most interesting thing about these doors that they are available in many different types of options.

    There are many varieties of these doors in a local market. You will see that the flush door will be available for as low as Rs. 1500/- per piece and also it can go as high as Rs. 20000/- per piece.

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