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Flexi Ply or Flexible Plywood – Detail Guide

    Flexi Ply or Flexible Plywood is an amazing solution for making modern-day furniture with bends and curves. It gives you the advantage of embedding any kind of round or semi-round structure at any place in the furniture.

    Simple plywood is made up of many blocks of woods that are arranged and glued together in alternating patterns. In these plywood sheets, some woodblock go one way and the others go the other way, and this is the reason it breaks when bent.

    But in the Flexi ply or flexible plywood, all the wood blocks are arranged in the same direction. Further, these thin wood blocks inside the ply are pretty less in width and arranged at some gaps to provide extra flexibility.

    The Flexi ply is gaining a lot of popularity because it gives the option of making some amazing modern furniture. It has allowed the woodworkers to make furniture that was not possible before with normal plywood.

    flexible plywood

    Advantages Of Flexi Ply or Flexible Plywood

    Flexible plywood has its own unique advantages that cannot be matched by any other kind of plywood. The flexible ply cannot be used as an alternative to normal plywood but it can be used for doing many amazing things.

    Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages that are flexible plywood has to offer.

    Molding Flexibility

    The biggest and the most useful advantage of flexible plywood is that it can be curved or bent into the desired shape. This feature was previously not possible with the normal kind of plywood.

    As such it was quite difficult to make a round or semi-round shape in the furniture items. Further, it was almost impossible to make small curves in the furniture. But Flexi ply has given a solution to all these problems.

    High Quality

    The flexible plywood is made up of high-quality hardwood as such they have amazing strength and bending capacity. This extends their scope of application to many different designs and patterns of furniture.

    Once they are fixed properly into place they can last for a long period of time. This is the reason that Flexi ply is being used very commonly nowadays for making modern furniture.

    Light Weight

    Flexible plywood comes in various thicknesses and all of them are quite light in weight, this makes it very easy to carry around and work with.

    There are many multiple layers of wood chips inside the Flexi ply, as such, it has an amazing bending capacity.

    flexi ply advantages

    Easy To Work

    The flexible plywood has made the work of carpenters and woodworkers quite easy as it gives them an easy-to-use and time-saving option even while making complex furniture designs.

    This is the reason most carpenters and woodworkers demand flexible plywood or Flexi ply while making any kind of furniture that has curves or bends in it.

    Easy To Transport

    Another advantage of flexible plywood is that it can be transported very easily from the hardware shop to your site. The sheets of the flexible plywood can be rolled and bundles together to form a roll.

    And you can easily carry this roll even on a two-wheeler with the help of a single person. This is not possible in the case of normal plywood or block boards.

    Thickness Of Flexi Ply or Flexible Plywood

    Flexible plywood or Flexi ply is available in many different thickness options in the market. It is commonly used in the following thickness options.

    • 3 mm Flexible plywood
    • 6 mm Flexible plywood
    • 8 mm Flexible plywood
    • 9 mm Flexible plywood
    • 12 mm Flexible plywood
    • 16 mm Flexible plywood

    Flexible Plywood Price

    flexible plywood price

    Flexible plywood is generally expensive than normal plywood and further, it has to be generally used in the double or triple layers to get the required thickness. And for this reason, it is a comparatively expensive option.

    The actual price of the Flexi ply depends on its thickness, quality, and brand. You can get a good quality 6 mm flexible plywood at around Rs. 40 per square feet in the market. And a good quality 16 mm flexible plywood will be available at around Rs. 60 per square feet in the market.

    Size Of Flexi Ply

    Flexible plywood or Flexi ply is generally available in two standard sizes in the market. The most common size that is available in the market is 8 feet by 4 feet. The other option that is available in the market for Flexi ply is 6 feet by 3 feet.

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