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Feng Shui Turtle – Invite Luck And Prosperity In Home

    Feng Shui Turtle or Feng Shui Tortoise – The terms “turtle” and “tortoise” are used interchangeably in Feng Shui. Turtle has a great significance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. In Feng Shui practice, the turtle is one of the four celestial animals, or guardians, that correspond to the four compass directions.

    Turtle relates to the long life span of the animal and hence it denotes longevity. That is why it is also recommended to old people for increasing their longevity. Let’s discuss the importance of Feng Shui Turtle or Feng Shui Tortoise and how to use it in detail.

    Metal Feng Shui Turtle/ Feng Shui Tortoise

    Metal turtle works as an aid in Feng Shui as it has tremendous power to balance and harmonize the environment around it. Metal Turtle helps in removing negative energy, it provides the beholder with protection during sleep as it represses all the negative energy and nightmares. It also promotes financial stability.

    To enhance the well being and long life of all your family members, place the metal turtle in the east direction of your house.

    Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

    The feng shui dragon turtle has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon, and it is usually standing on a bed of coins and ingots. The dragon turtle is often depicted with one or several baby dragon turtles on its back.

    Both the dragon and the turtle are considered celestial creatures in feng shui and a combination of these two celestial animals makes a more powerful force. The dragon is associated with courage, auspiciousness, and good luck and the turtle brings stability, longevity, and protection for you and your family.

    Feng Shui Direction Guardians

    North Direction

    Black Turtle

    South Direction

    Red Phoenix

    East Direction

    Green Dragon

    West Direction

    White Tiger

    Uses Of Feng Shui Turtle

    The most important use of the feng shui turtle or tortoise symbol is as a means of protection and strengthening energy. For this purpose, the best feng shui placement of the tortoise is in the back of the house.

    Another use of the feng shui turtle is for career energy enhancement. It is believed that this feng shui placement can help attract smooth energy for your business and promotions through the course of your career.

    Feng Shui turtle or tortoise is also believed to combat illness and promote health.

    Feng Shui Turtle Tips

    1. Positioning a turtle close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank will magnify the power of the tortoise.
    2. A large turtle with two small turtles stacked on its back represents three healthy generations and it is a potent longevity symbol.
    3. You can use a tiny turtle under your bed for more peaceful sleep and help cure insomnia.
    4. Placing the turtle near the head of your bed will also help to remove anxieties.
    5. A dragon turtle, sitting on a pedestal made of coins or ingots, is believed to get extra money luck.

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