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False Ceiling Lights – Best LED Light Options

    False ceiling lights are the new age innovative lights that provide an amazing atmosphere to your rooms. Getting the right lights for your rooms is one of the most crucial steps in building the perfect home.

    Choosing the right LED lights for your ceiling is very important. The right type of lighting in your home helps you to perceive and experience the space in your home in the best possible way.

    false ceiling lights

    Good quality LED ceiling lights properly complement the geometry of your rooms. This makes your room a cozy and comfortable space where you can relax and enjoy. Proper lighting also helps to soothe your mood and emotions.

    Types Of False Ceiling Lights

    False ceiling lights are majorly distinguished on the basis of their fitting. There are various other factors on which the false ceiling lights can be differentiated.

    These factors are color temperature, light wattage, light color, size of the light, the shape of the light, etc. Let’s have a look at the different types of false ceiling LED lights on the basis of fixture type.

    Flush LED False Ceiling Lights

    Flush LED false lights are attached directly to the ceiling and they take a little amount of space. These lights direct the light in a downward direction and spread light over a large area. They hang only a few centimeters from the ceiling and provide an amazing option for false ceiling light.

    flush false ceiling lights

    Semi Flush LED False Ceiling Lights

    Semi-flush LED lights hang a few inches from the ceiling and they direct the light both upwards and downwards. It is quite easy to change the light bulb in the semi flush ceiling light. They come in many designs and as such, they offer many options to choose from.

    Semi Flush False Ceiling Lights

    Recessed LED Ceiling Lights

    These ceiling lights are the most famous and in trend at present. The recessed LED light is mounted inside of the ceiling and only the front portion of the light is visible. As such this light is the best option if you have a room with a low ceiling.

    Recessed False Ceiling Lights

    Cove Lights For Ceiling

    Cove LED Lights have revolutionized the appearance of the ceiling. These lights are available in strips and transparent tubes. They provide dim light of various colors that can be used to give your ceiling amazing colors.

    Cove False Ceiling Lights

    LED Ceiling Panels

    These LED ceiling panels come in many different patterns and shapes. They can be directly attached to your ceilings. You can completely transform the look of your ceilings with these lights. They can be expensive too depending on the size and quality of the panel.

    LED ceiling panel

    LED Spot Lights For Ceiling

    LED spotlights for the ceiling give you an option to adjust the direction of the light as per your requirement. They are very useful for people who want to use the same LED light for lighting different parts of the room at different times.

    LED Spothlight for ceiling

    LED Ceiling Tube Lights

    Like the normal tube lights which are attached to the wall ceiling, tube light options are also available. But they do not look as cool as the other LED lights. Their biggest advantage is the amount of light that they emit is higher than the other options.

    ceiling LED tubelight

    Suitable Light Colors For Home

    S.N.Light ColorColor Temperature RangeSuitable Room/ Area
    1.Warm White2500K to 3000KLiving Room, Bedroom, Dining Area, Balcony, Porch.
    2.Neutral White3500K to 4500KBathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Area, Home Office.
    3.Cool White5000K to 6500KGarage, Basement, Home Front, Attic, Terrace.

    How To Install Ceiling Lights

    Ceiling lights can be a key element for defining your rooms and the other places in your home. New age ceiling lights offer a clean, streamlined look to your home.

    Proper lighting can even make small spaces in your home look bigger. Let’s understand the process of installation of ceiling lights in few easy steps.

    We are assuming that you have already laid down the electric wire setup over the false ceiling for connecting the LED lights.

    Placement Planning

    The first step in installing ceiling light is proper planning for the placement of these lights. In general, ceiling lights may be positioned at about six feet distance from each other.

    But you would have to adjust your calculations according to the layout of your rooms. You also need to keep in mind your requirements, decor theme, availability of natural light, and other such factors.

    Cutting Holes

    The LED lights come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to cut proper size holes to fit these lights to the ceiling. If the hole is even just a fraction too big, the lights may not clamp tightly.

    Also, take care not to cut any wires that you have already placed in the false ceiling cavity. You need to cut the holes carefully because any extra damage will need repair and will waste time and money.

    Connecting Power

    The next step is to connect the wires to the ceiling lights. The wires are already present in the ceiling cavity and they are attached to the power source at the other end.

    While joining the wire end towards the lights allow at least 12 inches of extra cable to make the wiring easy. Connect all the wires properly live to live, earth to earth, and neutral to neutral.

    Mounting Lights

    After connecting the wires properly it’s time to mount your light. First, you have to place the fixture, most LED lights have two or three clips that clamp them to the ceiling. Pull the clips in so they do not protrude outside the light.

    Slide the light’s back part into the hole and then push the whole body up into the hole until its flange is tight to the ceiling. With your thumb or screwdriver, push each clip up until it clamps the fixture. And that’s it.

    Which Light Temperatures To Choose

    We perceive the light temperature in different ways, and different light temperatures suit different applications and activities in our everyday life. The warm light temperatures create a cozy, calm, and inviting atmosphere.

    These temperatures are perfect to be used in the bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and any other space that is meant for your personal life. The neutral and cool temperatures provide you clean light that increases your attention and alertness.

    They are best for the kitchen, bathrooms, study area, or any other kind of workspace.

    Which False Ceiling Lights To Use

    There are several factors that can affect the choice of LED lights for false ceiling. Some of these factors are -:

    • Type of room.
    • Area of the room.
    • Purpose of the room.
    • Ventilation in the room.
    • Design Theme.

    You have to assess your rooms in accordance with your need and requirements. Only you can be the best judge of the best choice of lighting for you. Other people can only guide you about the functionality aspect of different lights. But you would have to finalize the light for your room as per your preferences.

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