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Fall In Love With Red Oxide Flooring – Ultimate Guide

    Red oxide flooring is very closely associated with the culture and traditions of India. It is one of the oldest forms of flooring that has been used for many decades in the country and is still around.

    Before the advent of modern flooring methods, red oxide flooring used to be the highlight of many beautiful homes. This flooring method has a lot of advantages and this is the reason it is gaining popularity again.

    With new innovations, the red oxide flooring technique is being used for making magnificent floors in various patterns and textures. In this article, we will try to inform you of all the details of this amazing flooring technique.

    red oxide flooring

    What Is Red Oxide Flooring

    Red oxide flooring is an age-old method of making beautiful and affordable floors with the help of materials like red oxide powder, grey cement, white cement, marble powder, sand, etc.

    Red oxide floors became especially popular in the tropical climate areas of the country. These floors remain cool even in the warm and humid tropical climatic conditions.

    The red oxide floors are also suitable for rough usage. They are very durable and they do not easily wear and tear with time. They have a beautiful shine to them which gets better with time.

    Types Of Red Oxide Flooring

    Traditionally the red oxide flooring was done in a unidirectional pattern, and the method adopted all over the places for making these floors was also more or less similar.

    The traditional colors of red oxide flooring were different shades of red color. But in recent times many experiments have been done with red oxide flooring to give them new and refreshing looks.

    Now, this flooring can be done in various patterns, designs, and textures. Also if one is not very fond of the red color and its shades for the flooring then many colors like black, blue, orange, yellow, and others are also available.

    Life Span Of Red Oxide Flooring

    red oxide flooring

    One of the biggest advantages of red oxide flooring is its durability. The lifespan of red oxide flooring can last for many decades. It does not deteriorate very easily and also holds its shine and beauty.

    Red oxide is basically a protective inorganic compound that is used in many industries like the paint industry, iron industry, rubber industry, and tiles and ceramic industry.

    The red oxide coating prevents the metal and other elements from forming rust and deteriorating. It also helps to smoothen the surfaces and when these coated surfaces are painted and polished, it further supports the life of paint and polish.

    This clearly illustrates that when red oxide powder is used with cement for making the topcoat of the floor it only strengthens and increases the durability of the floor.

    How Is Red Oxide Flooring Done

    Making a red oxide floor is not a very difficult task if it is done by skilled labor. It is actually less time consuming than most of the other flooring techniques.

    The materials that are used for making the red oxide floors are red oxide powder, grey cement, white cement, marble powder, sand, etc. Let’s have a look at the stepwise process of making a red oxide floor.

    how is red oxide flooring done

    Preparing The Base

    The first step in making the red oxide floor is to prepare the base for flooring. The floor should be appropriately scrubbed and cleaned, this can be done with the help of a metal scrubber.

    Any crack or opening in the floor should be adequately filled and closed. The floor base should be clean and smooth; if you wash the floor with water then let it dry completely before moving on.

    Tape Up The Edges

    You can tape the edges and the corners with the help of a painter’s tape. During application, the squeegee may touch the walls and it may create a stain.

    Taping helps to prevent the red oxide slurry from sticking to the walls. You can also tape the bottom of doors and door frames to keep them clean of any kind of spill.

    Mixing Process

    The next and the most crucial step is to mix all the components in appropriate proportions to make a fine red oxide slurry. This slurry should be of appropriate viscosity so that it may be applied properly.

    First red oxide powder is mixed with dry cement and marble powder. And then the water is added to the mixture to form the slurry ready for the application process.

    Application Process

    The application of red oxide slurry is something that requires a certain set of skills. And this is the reason you should hire only experienced professionals for executing this part.

    The slurry is applied with the help of tools like squeegee, wiper, and rollers. It is very important to maintain the level of the floor appropriately so that the floor does not get uneven.

    After the top layer has been applied it is allowed to get dry for some time. Then water is sprinkled on this new floor to keep it moist so that it can gain its strength.

    Wax Polish

    When this newly prepared red oxide floor dries off completely the finishing work is started. It involves providing the last finishing touches and applying a wax coating on the top of the floor.

    This polishing process gives a lustrous shine to the new red oxide floor and provides an amazing glossy look to the floor.

    Red Oxide Flooring Cost

    The red oxide flooring is quite inexpensive as it does not involve any high-cost component. All the materials used in this type of flooring are easily available in the market at affordable rates.

    This is the reason many people prefer using this flooring method for the large size area. The time taken to complete this flooring is also very little as compared to other methods of flooring.

    This means that the labor cost incurred in this type of flooring is also on the lower side. Although the overall cost may differ with the type of pattern and design that one chooses for modern red oxide floors.

    But for a general reference, it can be said that the overall cost for making a red oxide floor with all material included will be in the price range of Rupees 70 to Rupees 100 per square feet.

    Advantages And Disadvantages

    A red oxide floor has many advantages and also a few disadvantages. We are listing here some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a red oxide floor in the home.

    red oxide flooring advantages

    Advantages Of Red Oxide Flooring

    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Red oxide flooring is an age-old practice of using oxide colors in various combinations for making floors. These floors are simple and elegant and they are also pretty soft on the eyes.

    Eco Friendly

    One of the best things about red oxide flooring is that they are eco friendly and pro-nature. Along with being eco-friendly, they are also very economic and budget-friendly.

    Maintenance Free

    Red oxide floors are way easy to maintain, once they have been built properly they do not need any kind of maintenance. You just need to broom and mop the floor to keep it in proper condition.

    Easy On The Feet

    The red oxide floors are not very hard and as such, they are easy on the knees and feet. They feel easy even if you walk barefoot on the floor.

    Highly Durable

    Most of the flooring materials deteriorate with time, this is not the case with red oxide flooring. They are highly durable and serve your home for a long period of time.


    Another big advantage of using a red oxide floor is that it is seamless and jointless. And as such it provides an amazing finish to the floor which other options like marble and tiles cannot provide.

    Disadvantages Of Red Oxide Flooring

    Limited Options

    The biggest disadvantage with red oxide flooring is you only have that much to do. Even with modern innovations, you can only experiment to a certain extent.

    Skilled Labor

    For getting a perfect finish to the red oxide floor you need skilled labor who can do the job to perfection. Even smallest of the mistake can result in cracks and gaps in the surface.

    Decor Theme Mismatch

    Modern homes are built keeping every detail in mind, the theme of the room and decor style is given high importance. The problem with red oxide flooring is it does not match with most of the modern themes of decoration.

    Where Can You Use Red Oxide Flooring?

    The red oxide flooring can be used anywhere as per the need and requirements of the user. One can use it in any of the rooms in the home like a living room, dining room, hall, or bedroom.

    The red oxide flooring can also be used in outdoor spaces of the home like the balcony, porch, or terrace. When used in the outside parts you should keep the surface a little rough so that there is no risk of slipping.

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