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East Facing House Vastu – Most Important Tips And Remedies

    As per Vastu principles having an east facing house is considered to be very auspicious. This is the reason many people in India try to purchase an east facing house for themselves. As per Vastu the Solar deity – Sun god is the ruling planet of the east direction. This direction is believed to attract prosperity, wealth, good luck, and harmony in life.

    Also, Lord Indra governs the east direction, as such, it symbolizes growth, power, and victory. An east facing house is especially considered very beneficial for intellectual people. The early morning rays directly fall on such a house and spread their virtuous energy throughout the house.

    This is the reason most of the experts suggests the building of a house on an east facing plot in such a way that it allows the maximum possible entrance of the natural light inside the house. It is also suggested to leave empty space in the northeast corner or east block of the plot.

    This empty space can be used as parking or it can be used as a garden by the inhabitants. Also making your pooja room or mandir in the northeast block of your east facing house is considered to be very auspicious. And it is believed to attract wealth and prosperity in the house.

    east facing house vastu

    How To Determine An East Facing House

    If you are feeling any confusion in determining the direction of a particular house, or if you are not able to figure out the exact direction of your house then you can take the help of a compass. All you need to do is to stand at the entrance of the house facing outside the house, the direction that shows in your compass at this point is the direction in which the house facing is.

    If you do not have a compass with you then you can figure out the direction in the morning time. In the morning when the sun rises you have to see the direction from which the sun is rising. If the sun is rising directly in front of you when you are facing outside the house standing at the entrance then you can be sure that it is an east facing house. 

    Placements of Various Elements In East Facing Home

    An east facing house is said to be the best in terms of ease of construction of various parts of your house. The east direction naturally allows you to have many options for various elements of your house. This type of house can have various types of plans as there are very fewer hindrances in an east facing property. Let’s have a look at the positioning of the various elements of your house in the east facing direction.

    Placement of Main Gate

    For an east facing house, it is appropriate to place the main gate in the north-east block of the plot, this block is known as the ‘Ishan Kon‘ in the Vastu. The main gate should not be very heavy, it should have spaces in it for proper ventilation. The height of the main gate should not be more than the height of the adjacent boundaries. The main gate should not be constructed in the southeast corner.

    Placement of Master Bedroom

    In an east facing houses the ideal position of the master bedroom is the south-west corner block of the plot. This corner can also be utilized for making a storeroom or garage in a multi-story house.

    Placement of Kitchen

    For an east facing house, the kitchen should be constructed preferably in the south-east corner. And the second option where it can be constructed is the north-west block of the house. These corners are considered auspicious for constructing a kitchen. And they are believed to bring positive energy and joy to the family.

    Placement of Bathroom

    For an east facing house as per Vastu principles, the bathroom should be constructed either in the southeast or the southwest portion of the house. These two positions are considered to be optimum for the construction of a bathroom in an east facing plot.

    Placement of Hall/ Balcony

    Vastu principles advise constructing the hall and balcony in the east block in an east facing houses. The first-morning sun rays directly fall on the balcony, verandah, porch of your house. And this brings in the new life in the form of a new day into your house.

    Placement of Water Tank

    If you wish to build an overhead tank in your house then it should be preferred to do it in the north block of your east facing plot. If this does not fit into your plans then you can build it in the south block of your east facing house.

    east facing house vastu

    Important Tips For East Facing House As Per Vastu

    • For an east facing house the south and the west part of the house should have a higher elevation as compared to the north and east part of the house. The north and east part of the house should always be at a comparatively lower level of height.
    • The outlet of the water used in the house should be towards the north or northeast direction of the house. All the water pipes should be arranged in such a way that they finally join at a place and expel out the water from either of these two directions. In any case, the water should not be allowed to exit from the south or west portion of the house.
    • You should make sure that there is no accumulation of any kind of dirt, garbage, dust, or bins in the east or northeast directions, even outside your home. As this is considered to attract and accumulate negative energy.
    • The septic tank should not be built in the northeast part of the house. It is preferable to construct the septic tank in the east-southeast part of the house.
    • One should not make provision of the staircase from the northeast part of the home. The staircase should be provided either in the southeast or south direction of the east facing plot.
    • One should plan the kitchen in an east facing house in such a way that while cooking one has to face east in a southeast kitchen or west while cooking in a northwest kitchen.
    • One should make sure that there are no big trees on the north and east sides of the house. As it would lead to the blocking of light and openness. And as per Vastu, it is suggested to keep both these directions open and spacious.


    As per all the stated facts in this article, it can be clearly understood that the east facing houses are considered to be very auspicious. This is the reason that most of the people prefer east facing and north facing houses. All one has to do is take care of the essential elements while constructing the house.

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