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Door Window Vastu – Best Vastu Tips For Doors And Windows

    As per Vastu shastra doors and windows have a very significant role in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the home. The doors and windows are the places through which light, air, and other forms of energy enter the house.

    As such, the placement of doors and windows plays a very crucial role in maintaining the right kind of energy in the home. In ancient times the doors and windows had an even bigger role to play in the house.

    There was no electricity and as such doors and windows were the only media for the circulation of air. And in today’s era also they play an important role in maintaining proper ventilation in the house.

    You should design and place the doors and windows as per Vastu guidelines in your home. It will help you to enhance the positive energy and vibes in your home. So you should definitely follow these easy and simple Vastu rules.

    Door Window Vastu

    Best Direction For Doors and Windows

    As per Vastu shastra, it is quite clear that we want the maximum flow of energy from the North, East, and Northeast directions. These are the directions from which powerful positive energy flow and enter the home.

    But that does not mean that you cannot place doors and windows in other directions of the home. While constructing the house you will need to keep the doors and windows in other directions also.

    There are some factors that you need to take care of while making doors and windows in directions other than these three directions. Let’s have a look at some of these important points.

    Door Window Vastu Direction
    • Try not to make very big size windows and doors in the southern and western directions of the home.
    • You should use thick and dark color curtains for the doors and windows in the South and West directions.
    • When the sun is in these directions it reflects harmful infrared rays. These rays are not favorable for your home and your health as well.
    • If possible you should try to keep fewer doors and windows in this direction. And more in the North, East, and Northeast.
    • You can also use dark-colored glasses in the windows which are in the southern and western direction of the home.

    Shape Of Doors and Windows As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu guidelines, the most optimum shape for doors and windows are square shape and rectangular shape. And one should avoid using any other irregular shape in the name of a unique design or pattern.

    The door cannot be in a square shape, it will always be in a rectangular shape. But for a window, you can choose from the square or rectangular shape. Aas per your requirement and suitability of the place.

    Number Of Doors And Windows As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu principles, the total number of doors and windows in your house should always be even in the count. And generally, this rule is quite easy to follow because mostly even number of doors and windows fit suitably.

    In some of the areas in the home, we also use a pair of doors. In it, one door is a wooden door and the other door has a steel net for keeping away the mosquitoes. You should consider this pair as a single door for the purpose of counting.

    Most Important Vastu Tips For Doors

    Door Vastu
    1. As per Vastu, the height of the doors should be sufficient enough to let all the members and guests enter properly.
    2. Any family member should not be required to bend the neck while entering the room especially in the case of the main door.
    3. The placement of the main door or entrance door is of utmost importance. So make sure that you place it in the correct position.
    4. You should prefer to keep the doors in a room opposite to each other. This helps in the proper flow of energy in the room.
    5. If the door opens in the clockwise direction while entering the room then it is considered auspicious as per Vastu.
    6. As per Vastu, a door with two parts is auspicious but you can also use a single part door. These doors are more popular nowadays.
    7. Traditionally, the door frames had four planks in them, there was a wooden plank on all four sides. This is why it was called ‘Chaukhat’.
    8. But modern door frames have wooden planks on three sides only, as the fourth side is covered by the floor. These frames are also fine as per Vastu.
    9. You can also use the sliding doors in your home. But make sure they do not create any creaking noise while sliding them or using them.
    10. The main door or the entrance door of the house should be preferably the largest door in the house.
    11. You can also place or paste auspicious symbols like Goddess Lakshmi Paduka, Riddhi-Siddhi, Shubh-Labh, etcetera, on or near the doors in your home.
    12. The doors in the North, East, and Northeast directions of the home should preferably have thin and light-color curtains.
    13. As per Vastu, the doors in the South and West directions of the home should have thick and dark color curtains on them.
    14. The solid wood doors or hardwood doors are the most auspicious and propitious option for making the doors in your house.

    Most Important Vastu Tips For Windows

    Window Vastu
    1. Most of the windows have two parts in them and as per Vastu. These two parts windows are most suitable for use in the home.
    2. The windows in the North, East, and Northeast directions should have transparent glass in them to allow maximum light to enter.
    3. You should clean the glasses of these windows on a regular basis. Do not let any kind of dirt and spots accumulate on these windows.
    4. As far as possible you should avoid making any windows in the South and Southwest direction of your home.
    5. You should preferably use good quality hardwood for making window frames and windows in your home.
    6. If you already have windows in the South or Southwest direction then keep them covered with dark color curtains, and avoid using them frequently.
    7. Placing the windows on the sides of the main door or entrance door of the house is considered auspicious and propitious as per Vastu.

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