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Dining Room Vastu – Top Vastu Tips

    You should have a thorough knowledge of dining room Vastu principles. The dining room is a place where you consume energy in the form of food. It is a place that provides you with the energy to live and function.

    If you take this energy in the right way with a proper mindest it will work in your favor. It will provide you good health and positivity, but if you take it incorrectly it can have dire consequences.

    dining room vastu tips

    Indians are very fond of eating and also inviting others for food. Food is an important part of our culture, our emotions and feelings are strongly attached to food. So it is very important to understand the significance of eating food the right way, as per Vastu.

    Best Direction For Dining Room

    The best directions for the dining room are North, Northeast, East, and Southeast. You can also create your dining room in the West, East-Southeast, and South-Southeast part of your home, these parts are also good for making a dining room.

    It is often seen that most of the people have dining rooms in their homes but they eat their food elsewhere. As such it becomes quite essential to focus on facing in the right direction while eating food.

    This practice is especially followed by the kids and the teenagers in the home. They have their own favorite spots when it comes to taking meals. So they should be educated to face the right direction while eating.

    dining room vastu

    Which Direction You Should Face While Eating

    As per Vastu principles, you should preferably face towards the East direction while eating food. You can also face towards the North or Northeast direction while eating food. These directions are also favorable for facing while consumption of food.

    You should avoid facing the South and Southwest directions while consuming food. As per Vastu principles facing the South and Southwest directions while eating is not auspicious at all. And this rule should be even more strictly followed by the head of the family.

    When all the family members are sitting together to eat their meals then at least one is bound to face the south direction. In this case, you must ensure that the head of the family faces the east or north direction.

    S.N.General QueryAnswer
    1.Most favorable direction to face while eating?The most favorable direction to be faced while eating is the east direction.
    2.Other favorable direction to face when eating?The other favorable directions to face while eating are North, Northeast, and Northwest.
    3.Where to place dining table in dining room?The dining table should be placed in the Southwest part of the dining room at some space from the corner.
    4.Which material to be used for dining table?You should prefer to use a dining table made of wood. You can also use a table with a glass top. Avoid using a metal dining table.
    5.Which shape dining table to use?You should preferably use a rectangular shaped or square-shaped dining table in the dining room of your house.

    Dining Table Vastu Tips

    • The dining table should be preferably rectangular or square-shaped. You can use the oval shape dining table, but you should totally avoid the perfect round shape table.
    • Keeping a basket of fruits, and fresh flowers on the dining table is propitious for the family. This symbolizes the availability of food and nutrition in the house.
    • A rectangular wooden dining table is considered the best as per Vastu. Avoid using transparent glass dining tables through which the legs are visible while eating.
    • You should also avoid using dining tables made of any kind of metal. The metal dining tables are not auspicious as per Vastu principles.
    • The most important thing is to have a good state of mind while taking your meals. You must avoid watching television and mobiles while eating food.
    • If there is ventilation in the dining room especially in the North or Northeast direction of the dining room then it is very propitious as per Vastu principles.
    • The dining table should be placed near the Southwest corner of the dining room but at some space from the corner.
    • The dining room should be spacious enough, it should not be very compact. People should have enough space to leave and enter the dining room without disturbing others.
    • The dining table should not be placed under any of the beams present in the ceiling. These beams bring heavy energy under them which is not considered good while eating food.
    • The dining room should be painted with light and vibrant colors. You can use colors like cream, light yellow, light pink, off white, etc.

    Wash Basin in Dining Room – Vastu Tips

    Many people like to place a washbasin in the dining room so that they can easily wash their hands before and after having their meals. This can be done but the washbasin should be placed in the right part.

    The correct place to put the washbasin in the dining room is the Northeast corner. If this is not possible then you should place the washbasin in the North direction of the dining room.

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