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Cow and Calf Statue Vastu – Get Miraculous Benefits

    If you use the cow and calf statue as per Vastu guidelines then it can provide you amazing benefits. Both cow and its calf have been given an important place in the Indian culture right from the beginning.

    In traditional India, each and every house used to keep the cow and its calf on the house premises. The cow and calf statue symbolizes a very pure and divine relationship. This relationship is above all the other types of relations in this world.

    Our ancestors believed that keeping the cow and calf in the home is very auspicious. And it attracts positive and good energy in the home. But now we live in modern societies and it is not possible for us to keep the real cow and calf in our homes.

    As such, Vastu suggests keeping the cow and calf statue in the home as a symbol of real cow and calf. This statue shows the cow as the divine power which provides nourishment, care, love, and support to the calf.

    Cow And Calf Statue Vastu

    Kamdhenu Cow – Nandini Calf

    As per Hindu mythology, the Kamdhenu cow is a divine cow that has the power to fulfill all your wishes. The Kamdhenu cow originated during the iconic Samudra Manthan. It is believed that the Kamdhenu cow has the divine power of 33 Crore gods and Goddesses.

    Kamdhenu cow is the mother figure to all humans and she has the power to bless any person with lifelong joy and happiness. It is said that keeping the statue of Kamdhenu cow in the house brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Durga.

    As per ancient Hindu texts, worshipping Kamdhenu cow along with its calf, Nandini brings miraculous benefits in the life of the devotee. It showers health, wealth, growth, and prosperity in the life of the devotee.

    Kamdhenu cow helps the devotee to achieve both spiritual and materialistic growth in life. As per Vastu, a silver Kamdhenu cow and calf statue is very auspicious for keeping in your home. One should meditate and pray for at least a few minutes on a regular basis. Doing this in front of this statue provides a calm and peaceful mind.

    Best Direction For Keeping Cow And Calf Statue

    Cow And Calf Statue Vastu Direction

    As per Vastu guidelines, the best direction for keeping the cow and Calf statue in your home is the Northeast direction. The part or the corner of the home in this direction is called ‘Ishan Kon‘.

    And this part of the home is very sacred and holy. And that is why it is the place of the Gods. We are looking at the cow in the statue as a mother or goddess. So, the right place for this statue is also in the place of the Gods. This place is in the northeast direction of the home.

    If you cannot place this statue in the Northeast direction of your home. Then you should keep the cow and calf statue either in the North direction or the East direction of the home. You should strictly avoid placing this statue in any wrong direction.

    Significance Of Cow And Calf Statue As Per Vastu

    As we have discussed in this article the cow and calf statue has its own importance in our culture and traditions. Similarly, different parts of different aspects of this statue have different significance and meaning in life.

    Let’s understand the meaning of different aspects of this statue in relation to life.

    • In the statue, the cow is the figure of a mother or a goddess who office patronage and always looks over you in life.
    • The calf symbolizes the devotee who has offered himself to the aegis of the divine power with utmost faith.
    • And, the head of the cow is a place where the holy trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh reside.
    • The way calf feeds denote how the devotee receives food, nourishment, protection, love, affection, and everything from the divine.
    • And the way the cow watches over the calf is a symbol of how the divine power protects and takes care of the person or devotee.

    Important Tips – Cow And Calf Statue

    Cow And Calf Statue Vastu Tips
    • You should only use the cow and Calf statue as per Vastu guidelines after understanding its importance and proper placement.
    • Avoid keeping the cow and calf statue in the wrong direction or wrong places. As it can lead to a negative impact on your life.
    • You can also place this statue in your office to achieve success and growth in your business.
    • Worshipping cow and calf statue is considered very beneficial for females who are facing infertility issues and want to conceive.
    • If you use this statue correctly and in accordance with Vastu guidelines then it can bring positivity and peace to your home.
    • You should use a metal cow and calf statue preferably of silver if you can afford it, to receive benefits and success in life.

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