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Correct TV Direction As Per Vastu – Best TV Vastu Tips

    It is very important to know the correct TV direction as per Vastu principles. Following TV Vastu is very easy and simple, it does not require any big adjustments in the house.

    Television is an electronic appliance in front of which you and your family spend at least a few hours every day. You gain a lot of information in the form of audio and video continuously from TV.

    tv vastu

    As such it is quite evident that TV has a huge impact on our thinking, judgment, and mindset. So it is only logical to follow the Vastu principles for TV to gain positive effects from this piece of technology.

    Best TV Direction As Per Vastu

    The best direction for placing your TV is the North direction. If that is not possible you can place the TV in the East direction or the Northeast direction of your rooms.

    The TV screen functions as a mirror when it is not on. You can see your reflection on the TV screen when it is off. This shows that its screen reflects back the light, energy, and vibrations.

    So if you place it in the North, Northeast, or East direction it would not reflect back the beneficial energies from these directions. This will ensure that the positive energy freely flows into the house.

    Placing the TV in the South direction can be harmful as it will support the energy from the South and Southwest directions. And it will oppose the energies from the Noth and East directions.

    tv direction as per Vastu

    Correct TV Position As Per Vastu

    Along with the correct placement of the TV, it is also very essential for you to have the correct position while watching the TV. This ensures that you are correctly aligned to receive the good energy and vibrations.

    The best direction to face while watching TV is the North direction. Other directions towards which you can face while watching TV are East direction and Northeast direction.

    Most of the time it is seen that many interior designers allot the South direction wall of your living room for TV placement. This means that you will be facing the South direction while watching TV.

    This makes you face the South direction continuously for many hours during the week. And your back will be towards the North direction which is the direction of Lord Kuber, Lord of wealth.

    Placing your back towards any person signifies losing connection with that person. The same is the case with the energy and vibrations, if you face the wrong vibrations continuously, it will affect your health.

    tv vastu tips

    Most Important TV Vastu Tips

    • The TV should not be exactly in front of any of the doors in your room. Place it in such a way that it is not visible from the outside through any of the doors in the room.
    • If you have a small room and you are not able to move the TV away from the front of the door then you should cover your Tv with a television cover, when it is not on.
    • If the TV is placed in the bedroom can affect the cordial relationship of the couple. It can lead to frequent clashes between the married couple.
    • Do not place the TV in the kids’ room, it will interfere with the proper flow of energy within the room of your kids.
    • TV should be cleaned properly at regular intervals. Use a damp white cotton cloth to clean the screen and also the area behind the TV so that no dust remains on the TV.

    TV In Bedroom As Per Vastu

    Preferably you should not place the TV in your bedroom as per Vastu guidelines. But if you wish to put it in your bedroom then make sure that you place it in such a way that you don’t see your reflection in it while lying on the bed.

    And if that is also not possible to avoid because of space constraints in your room then you should put a cover on it when it is not in on condition.

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