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Correct Direction For Pictures N Family Photo As Per Vastu

    In modern homes, various types of pictures, frames, paintings, and family photos are used for the purpose of wall decoration. A picture or a photo is not just another article of decoration, pictures and photos have a deep meaning and energy associated with them.

    As such, it becomes very necessary to comprehend the importance of hanging pictures, and family photos in the correct direction as per Vastu. Family pictures are considered even more significant as they have memories and emotions attached to them.

    Each and every person carries a unique aura and so do their pictures and photographs. So placing these pictures and photos should always be done in accordance with Vastu principles. These scientific principles help you to align the various energies in the right direction and thus create harmony and peace in your life.

    family pictures in which direction in vastu

    Best Direction For Family Picture As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu Shastra, the universal positive energies originate from the North direction, Northeast direction, and East direction. As such these directions should always be kept light weighted and open. Hence, as per Vastu, one should not put one’s family photos, self photos, and kids’ photos on the walls of one’s home in these three directions.

    The family pictures should always be put on the walls in the South direction, West direction, or Southwest direction of your home. Amongst the five elements of nature, the Southwest direction is associated with the Earth element. Hence, this direction should be kept heavy, for this purpose you can use pictures, paintings, photos of high mountain ranges, tall buildings, etc. in this direction. The family pictures and photos are also considered to be very favorable on Southwest and West walls.

    Do’s For Hanging Pictures Correctly in Home

    • The Southwest direction is considered a very favorable direction for putting up your couple photos and marriage photos. If you have a master bedroom in the southwest corner of the home, then you should definitely place your couple photos in this room.
    • The Northeast direction is associated with the water element, as such, you can use religious and spiritual pictures in these directions. Pictures of large and open landscapes, gardens, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls can also be used in this direction.
    • The Northwest direction is associated with the air element of nature, it denotes flexibility and freedom. Hence in this direction, you should use pictures, paintings, or photos that indicate the movement or flow of the Air. You should use pictures like pictures of flying birds, airplanes, flying petals, etc.
    • The Southeast direction is associated with the Fire element, and this direction is also considered to be favorable for women. Hence in this direction, you can use the pictures of smiling and happy women. In the South and Southeast directions, you can also use pictures, paintings, or photographs that are dominated by red color.

    Dont’s For Hanging Pictures Correctly in Home

    • The pictures of your family and kids should not be put along the stairs. Many people do the mistake of displaying their family photos along the staircases. This is not considered good as per Vastu principles.
    • If you have an attached toilet or bathroom in the room, then you should not display your and family pictures on the wall of the bathroom. Even if this bathroom wall is in the right direction you should avoid putting the pictures on this wall.
    • Photographs of our elders and ancestors should not be placed in the pooja room, mandir, or worship place of your home.
    • You should never clutter your house with excessive paintings or pictures. Try to keep your home simple and minimal with regard to picture and photo decoration.
    correct direction for pictures

    Important Tips Regarding Pictures In Home As Per Vastu

    You should take care that none of your photo frames are in broken condition. Especially the pictures of your family should never be put in broken frames as per Vastu principles. The glass of the photo frame should not be broken. If any of the frame glass breaks you should replace it as soon as possible.

    The photo frames are generally cleaned and dusted from the front side but the backside is often left unattended. This may lead to the accumulation of dust or spider webs. As per Vastu principles, this should be avoided as it creates negative energy in the home.

    You should always use pleasing and soothing pictures or paintings at home. You should avoid using pictures or paintings that indicate sorrow, grief, fighting, prison, war, etc. These types of pictures tend to create disturbing energies in the minds of the inhabitants.

    Smiling photos or happy pictures of husband and wife should be used in the bedroom of a married couple. One should not use pictures and statues of God in the bedroom.

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