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Corner Plot Vastu – Best Tips For Corner Plots

If you have a corner plot or corner house then you must be aware of Vastu principles for this corner plot to utilize it to your benefit. Generally, most plots have a single front or facing, this means that a single road passes in front of it.

And the direction of this front open area has a major impact on the Vastu of the plot. The plot which is situated at the intersection where one road meets another is called the corner plot. This plot has two fronts as two roads pass along the two boundaries of this plot.

As such, energy flowing through two directions has a major influence on the plot. A corner plot can be favorable or unfavorable depending upon the directions that affect the energy flow of this plot. You should choose these plots carefully to have a healthy and prosperous home.

Also while constructing your home there are certain elements that you need to consider as per the open directions of the corner plot. The correct placement of these elements helps the positive energy to freely flow and maintain a favorable atmosphere in the home.

Corner Plot Vastu

Vastu Tips For North And East Corner Plot

As per Vastu principles, a corner plot having two open sides in the North and East directions is the most favorable one. This plot is always full of positive and favorable energies from these directions. It is also quite easy to plan for construction in this plot as per Vastu guidelines. As such you should give preference to this type of corner plot if available for purchase.

  • Make the entrance gate or main gate in the Northeast direction of the house.
  • The slope of the house should be towards the North and East direction of the plot.
  • Use the North and East edges of the plot for making balconies, garden, patio, and other such open spaces.
  • You can use the Northwest part of the plot for making the car parking in the home.
  • Keep the South and West edges of the home occupied with full construction.
  • Do not make high compound walls in the North and East direction of this corner plot. 
Corner Plot Vastu Directions

Vastu Tips For North And West Corner Plot

The corner plot with open sides in the North direction and West direction is also favorable if one utilizes this plot properly. One has to take care of planning and setting the basic parts of the building in proper directions. This ensures alignment of the home with favorable energies and vibrations from the appropriate surroundings.

  • The main door or entrance door of the home should be preferably in the Northeast corner of the plot.
  • You can use the Westside for making balconies but these balconies should have thick curtains for covering.
  • Keep the Northside more open and use it as the primary front of the house for entry and exit.
  • The compound wall should have more height on the West side of this plot as compared to the Northside.
  • The Sunrays from the West direction can heat up the area so try to have a more covered area on this part of the plot.

Vastu Tips For South And East Corner Plot

If you utilize this plot appropriately then this plot can become very beneficial for you. For using this plot correctly to make your home you have to use the East direction as the prominent part of your home. This will help you to use the positive energies from the Sun and nature to your benefit. You need to make sure to correctly position all the parts of the home in this corner plot.

  • Utilize the East or Northeast direction for making the main door or entrance door of the house.
  • Make sure to keep the Eastside more open by using it for making open areas of the home.
  • You will need to place the kitchen of the home in the front as the Southeast comes in front in this plot.
  • The Southwest part of this plot should be utilized for the construction of the master bedroom of the house.
  • You can also leave some space on your plot on the Northside and place windows and ventilation on the walls in this part.
Corner Plot Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips For South And West Corner Plot

It is very important to balance the energies from the South and the West direction in an appropriate manner. Both these directions are believed to have slightly negative energies especially if you do not use them well. As such for the corner plot with open sides in South and West you have to plan and construct all the elements of the home very carefully or else it can have a negative impact.

  • Most Vastu experts suggest not to use this corner plot as it can affect one’s life adversely if one does not use it properly.
  • For the placement of the main gate or entrance gate, you have only two favorable options – the exact West direction and the exact South direction.
  • Planning the elevation in such a plot can be quite a challenge as we prefer to keep both South and West covered with construction.
  • Leaving open areas in both these directions is not advisable as per the Vastu shastra guidelines.
  • This plot has maximum exposure to the harmful rays that the Sun generates particularly after the noon time. 

Important Vastu Tips For Corner Plot

Vastu For Corner Plot
  • The corner plot gives you the choice to make your entrance gate or main gate in either of the two open directions.
  • You should prefer to make the entrance gate preferably in the North, East, Northeast, West, or South direction.
  • Try to make a house plan with an open area or light construction in the North, East, and Northeast direction of the plot.
  • The shape of the corner plot should be preferably a proper square or rectangle without extensions or cuts in it.
  • If there is an extension in the corner plot then it is favorable towards the Northeast direction of the plot.
  • Avoid purchasing any corner plot with cuts or with extensions towards Southwest, Southeast, or Northwest directions.
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