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Clear Vastu Dosh – Amazing Remedies For Dosh Nivaran

    how to clear vastu dosh

    It is very essential to clear Vastu dosh in your home to live a peaceful life. While buying or constructing a home we have to sometimes overlook the Vastu dosh in the house. Building or buying a perfect Vastu compliant house is not always possible.

    So after purchasing or constructing the house you should first assess the Vastu compliance of the house. For this you can take the help of an expert, he or she will properly guide you. Once you get to know the Vastu dosh you can seek remedies for clearing it.

    If you are not able to get the Vastu dosh assessed then you should at least try common remedies. These remedies will help to bring in positive energy in your home and they will nullify the effects of negative energy.

    Vastu Dosh Remedies

    Live Green Plants To Clear Vastu Dosh

    The lush green plants can fill your home with vivacious positive energy. They can make your living room shine with life and vitality. The green plants in the Southeast part of the living room attract wealth and abundance.

    Green plants in the Southern direction bring you fame and a good reputation. And the green plants in the East direction will bring good health and vitality to your life.

    how to clear vastu dosh

    Aquarium In Living Room

    An aquarium in the living room can be a great source of enjoyment and a piece of attraction for your living room. You can sit back and relax while watching a great life form i.e. fish in the water tank.

    Placing a water tank or aquarium in the southeast part of your living room will attract wealth and abundance to your home. Aquarium if used properly is believed to be a great source of positive energy in Vastu principles.

    Proper Ventilation To Clear Vastu Dosh

    Proper ventilation allows fresh air and natural light to enter your home. And if you have fresh air and good quality light in your house then these two elements will bring positivity to your home.

    You can also use air-purifying plants or an air purifier if there is a dearth of fresh air outside your home. And along with electric lights, you should also allow as much natural light as possible into your home.

    how to clear vastu dosh

    Horseshoe At Entrance Door

    You should use a horseshoe by nailing it to the entrance door of your home. It is believed to bring wealth and good luck to your home. As per Vastu principles, the horseshoe is also believed to attract positive energy.

    Place the horseshoe properly, do not hang this horseshoe in an upside-down direction. Placing it wrongly can attract negative energy to your home.

    S. No.Vastu Dosh RemedyVastu Remedy Effect
    1.PlantsGreen Plants represent life energy.
    2.AquariumAquarium brings positivity and good luck.
    3.VentilationVentilation removes negative energy.
    4.HorseshoeHorseshoe protects from negative impact.
    5.Family PicturesKeep you happy and in good mood.
    6.Obsolete ItemsCleaning them removes negativity.
    7.Ishan KonBrings auspicious and divine energy.
    8.Vastu PyramidEnhances the positive energy of a place.

    Happy Family Pictures

    Happy pictures of your family in your house will bring in positivity from within you. These pictures will remind you of the good times you had with your family. You can place these pictures in prominent areas of your home.

    Placing your family pictures in the Southwest direction of the room is considered to be auspicious. You can also place the happy family pictures in the west direction of your room.

    vastu dosh remedies

    Removing Obsolete Items

    It is very important to keep your home clear of obsolete items. These items may be electronic gadgets that are not being used, old clothes, broken items, broken mirrors, etc.

    These items attract negative and unpleasant energy to your home. Also, keep your home clean by regular dusting and mopping in all the areas of your home.

    Managing Ishan Kon

    Ishan Kon or the Northeast corner of your home is of utmost importance. If it is not managed properly then it can lead to serious Vastu Dosh. Managing Ishan Kon as per Vastu principles can be a solution to many Vastu dosh.

    The Ishan Kon should always be clutter and dust-free. You should prefer to set your worship place in the Ishan Kon. This area should be kept open and ventilated for proper passage of air inside the home.

    how to clear vastu dosh

    Vastu Pyramids To Clear Vastu Dosh

    Vastu pyramids are an amazing solution to many Vastu defects. These pyramids enhance the positive energy of a place multiple times. This nullifies the negative energy from the Vastu dosh of that place.

    Vastu pyramids should be used under the guidance of a Vastu expert. If these pyramids are not used properly then it may provide you negative results. And this is something you definitely do not want.

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