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Cleaning, Descaling Washing Machine, Drum, Tub

    Cleaning or descaling washing machine is a very important process that should be done carefully at regular intervals to keep your washing machine function at its best. There is a misconception regarding washing machines that they’re always clean because these machines are always in contact with water, clothes, and detergent.

    However, this is not at all correct, in fact, the washing machines we use so often is constantly moist and it continuously traps dirt and other harmful microorganisms in its various parts. This means that your washing machine can both look dirty and be full of molds, which have a very unpleasant odor.

    So if you want to keep your washing machine in good condition you should not let it reach this point. Cleaning your washing machine regularly will ensure that it stays clean and mold-free. You should clean your machine thoroughly at least once in three to four months. If you are using hard water or bore-well water then you need to take extra care, otherwise, your washing machine may get damaged.

    Cleaning or Descaling of Washing Machine Various Parts

    The various parts of washing machine that need cleaning or descaling at regular intervals are as mentioned below

    • Drum – You should clean the drum using drum cleaning powder.
    • Door Seal – It can be cleaned with a warm damp cloth.
    • Detergent Compartment – It should be removed and cleaned thoroughly.
    • Water Inlet – Remove all the blockages and clean the water inlet properly.
    • Water Filter / Net – Disassemble water filter and clean properly to remove blockages.
    • Drain Pump – Remove the loose buttons or coins from the drain pump and clean properly.

    Cleaning Front Load Washing Machine

    descaling washing machine

    For cleaning or descaling a front load washing machine you can either use a good brand’s descaling powder or else you can make a solution at home by taking two glasses of white vinegar; one-fourth of a cup of baking soda; one-fourth of a glass of water.

    Process of Descaling Washing Machine

    You should start the process by removing the rubber band that seals the door and wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and then do the same on the door and drum, make sure you remove all visible dust and dirt.

    Now mix the baking soda with the water and pour the mixture into the detergent compartment of the machine, add the vinegar to the drum and start a normal washing cycle using hot water. You can either select the Drum Clean mode and start the machine and if your machine does not have this mode, then you can use any other 30 Mins Hot Wash.

    While the machine does all the work, you can wipe the outside of it using a soft cloth soaked in a dash of vinegar and hot water mixture. After thoroughly cleaning the entire machine from the outside, wipeout down with a dry cloth. Once the cycle is over, you can clean the inside of the machine with a normal sponge or some clean cloth while the drum is still warm.

    Clean the drum and the inner corners of the machine and door thoroughly and don’t forget to clean the detergent compartment, water inlet, filter, drain pump, etc. It is recommended that you do this at least once in two to three months to keep your machine free of dirt and molds.

    Cleaning Top Load Washing Machine

    descaling washing machine

    For cleaning or descaling a top load washing machine you should make sure you clean all the parts of this washing machine properly with the help of a descaling powder. The main parts that need proper cleaning are the washing drum, washing powder tray, lint filters, etc.

    Process of Descaling Washing Machine

    First, remove the washing powder tray from the washing machine, there is a part that can be pressed lightly to remove the tray, then clean this detergent powder tray thoroughly. You can use the descaling powder to remove the deposits on the filters and trays.

    The dirt filter inside the machine can also be removed and cleaned thoroughly under running water, you can also take the help of a brush to clean them properly. If these have a lot of dirt and if you can’t clean them with only water then you can use vinegar.

    Now the most important part is to clean the washing machine drum, new washing machines come with a drum cleaning option for intense drum cleaning. If your washing does not have this drum clean option you can choose the longest cycle in your washing machine for thorough drum cleaning. Here also you can use either descaling powder or you can use baking soda and vinegar for drum cleaning.

    The next step is to clean the other parts like the water inlet, drain pump, etc. You should also make a check on the hose to look for any kind of blockages. It is recommended that you clean the machine at least once in two to three months to keep your machine free of dirt and mold.

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