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Check The Direction Of Your House – Easiest Way

    It is very essential to correctly check the direction of your house. Vastu shastra science is based on the alignment of elements to the correct directions. If the directions are identified wrongly then it can make the whole set up wrong.

    check the direction of your house

    So determining the house facing direction correctly should be your first priority. Once you know the direction of your house properly then only you should assess the Vastu compliance of your house.

    There are four cardinal directions in Vastu Shastra which have different energy and elements associated with them. These directions are -:

    S. No.DirectionAssociated With
    1.NorthWealth and success.
    2.EastPleasures and happiness.
    3.SouthFame and goodwill.
    4.WestProsperity and luck.
    Four Cardinal Directions In Vastu Shastra

    How To Determine House Facing Direction

    Determining the house facing direction is a very simple process. You can assess the right direction of your home even without any gadget. All you need to be aware of is the direction in which the sun rises.

    1. Follow these easy steps to determine your house facing direction.
    2. Go to the entrance door of your house and stand at the entrance in the morning.
    3. Keep your face towards the outside of the house; your back should be towards the house.
    4. Look at the direction in which the sun has come up.
    5. If the sun is right in front of you, your house is east facing.
    6. Your house is north facing if you see the sun on the right.
    7. If you see the sun on the left side then your house is south facing.
    8. Your house is west facing if the sun is exactly opposite to your face.
    how to check direction of house

    All Major Directions As Per Vastu

    S. No.DirectionRuling PlanetFavorable For
    1.EastSunLiving Room.
    2.NorthEastJupiterPooja Room, Study Room.
    3.NorthMercuryLiving Room, Safe.
    4.NorthWestMoonGuest room, Bathroom.
    5.WestSaturnKids Bedroom, Store Room.
    6.SouthWestDragon HeadMaster Bedroom, Store Room.
    7.SouthMarsKitchen, Store Room.

    How To Know Directions In The House

    Once you determine the direction of your house correctly then knowing the various directions within the house is quite easy.

    For knowing the various directions within your house you should first draw the shape of your house or plot on a piece of paper. Most of the houses are either rectangular shaped or square-shaped.

    Then write the name of the direction in which your house or plot is facing. According to this direction, all the other directions within the house can be easily noted down.

    Let us understand all the directions within the house for all the four major house facing direction with the help of this picture.

    How To Know Directions In The House
    Directions In The House

    Importance Of Knowing The Direction Of House

    It is of utmost importance to correctly identify and determine the direction of your house. The knowledge of the directions comes in handy right from the starting phase of purchasing a house or plot.

    You can only correctly identify the Vastu compliance of a place if you know all the surrounding directions properly. The knowledge of these directions can decide your well being, health, and prosperity.

    Let us have a look at some of the points that justify the importance of knowledge of all directions of your house.

    • Once you know the correct direction of your house you can set the main door and entrance gate in the right direction. Both these elements decide the entrance of positive energy into your home.
    • After knowing correct directions you can utilize the Northeast corner or the ‘Ishan Kon’ to your advantage. It is very important to utilize this corner properly.
    • You can also use the Southwest corner properly if you know where exactly it is located within your house. This corner should be utilized for making a master bedroom or storeroom.
    • The placement of the kitchen is also very crucial for your home. You should preferably set your kitchen in the Southeast corner. This is only possible if you have correct knowledge of directions.
    • Not only the placement of rooms is important, but the placement of various elements within these rooms is also important after identifying correct directions in your home.

    Ill Effects Of Wrong Judgment Of Directions

    If you wrongly judge the direction of your house then it can become a serious issue. This can lead to many serious Vastu defects as the execution of the Vastu plan will be erroneous.

    The wrong knowledge of directions will lead to the wrong placement of all the elements in the house. This will act as a hindrance to the flow of positive energy in the home.

    It will also support the negative elements within the home. As such to avoid all such serious problems you should properly check the direction of your home.

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