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Brahmasthan As Per Vastu – Best Home Tips And Remedies

    As per Vastu Shastra, the exact center part of any residential or commercial property is called Brahmasthan. This place has a crucial significance in maintaining the overall balance of energy and vibes in any property.

    The word Brahmasthan comprises of two different words – the first word is ‘Brahma’ which represents ‘Lord Brahma’, who is the creator of this universe as per Hindu mythology. And the other word is ‘Sthan’ which means ‘place’ in Hindi.

    So the word ‘Brahmasthan’ represents the place of Lord Brahma. In Vastu Shastra, Brahmasthan is considered as the navel or pivotal point of the property. This part is used as a reference for marking the other directions and parts of the property.


    Finding Brahmasthan Of A Property

    It is quite an easy process to find out the Brahmasthan of any property. For this you have to take the layout or plan of the house then check if the layout is in the square or rectangular form or not.

    If the layout is not in a square or rectangular form then you have to extend the outer lines of the structure to form a square or rectangle. Join all the outer walls with straight lines and give the layout a square or rectangular form.

    Now to determine the center point or Brahmasthan of the house, take the layout which is now in a square or rectangular form. Then join the diagonally opposite points of the square or rectangle layout with one another.

    Once you do this properly you will get an intersecting point in the middle of the property. This intersecting point is known as the center point or midpoint of the house and as per Vastu, it is called ‘Brahmasthan’ or ‘Brahmapoint’.

    Brahmasthan Vastu – Important Tips

    brahmasthan vastu

    Brahmasthan is one of the sacred, auspicious, and powerful areas of the property. It is essential and crucial for the inhabitants of the house or workplace to maintain this area properly for a happy, healthy, and peaceful life.

    Out of the five elements Brahmasthan is associated with the Sky element. Hence it is advisable to keep brahmasthan light and open. This is the reason that this part of the house was used for making open courtyards in traditional houses.

    As per Vastu Shastra, Vastu Purush’s stomach, navel, and spine occupy the Brahmasthan region. Hence as per Vastu purush’s concept also Brahmasthan should always be kept either open or lightweight only.

    Heavy appliances like generators, air processing units, lifts, etc. should not be placed in the Brahmasthan. This can lead to financial and monetary losses to the owners.

    This place can be utilized for making a pooja room or prayer place in the home. This place is auspicious and it can be used for sacred rituals and ceremonies in the house.

    Brahmasthan is the central hub for the flow of energies in the home. It is a huge source of energy and the overall flow of the energies of any property is connected with the brahmasthan of that property.

    Things To Avoid In Brahmasthan

    brahmasthan vastu

    There should not be any heavy construction in brahmasthan and there shouldn’t be any water source in the brahmasthan area.

    The kitchen or any kind of fire source should not be situated in Brahmasthan, it negatively affects the health of the residents.

    You should not construct any toilet or bathroom under any circumstances in the brahmasthan or center point of the house.

    There should not be any staircase, pillars, or beam in brahmasthan as these structures create heaviness in Brahmasthan.

    The brahmasthan should not be used for the purpose of storage, also no heavy objects or furniture should be kept in this place.

    Also one should not create a bedroom in the brahmasthan area as it can create a dilemma in the life of the inhabitants of this room.

    Brahmasthan Vastu Defect Remedies

    If there is any kind of Brahmasthan Vastu defect in the house then it can lead to many problems related to the health and wealth of the inhabitants. These Vastu defects can arise because of wrong construction in the Brahmasthan. The Vastu dosh can also arise because of extra heaviness in the brahmasthan.

    One can overcome this Vastu dosh by installing a consecrated Brahma yantra made up of copper on the Northeast or North or East wall of the brahmasthan. The Brahma Yantra is easily available in the market and you can get it consecrated through a Vastu expert. This remedy will help you to balance the energies of the Brahmasthan in the home.

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