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Best Vastu Plants – Attract Money Prosperity With Indoor Plants

    As per Vastu shastra, plants play a very crucial role in shaping the atmosphere of our home. The indoor plants are visually appealing, as such they add beauty to our homes. They also bring peace, tranquility, and happiness to the home.

    These amazing Vastu plants also help to detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and negative energy. Accordingly, Vastu Shastra advises choosing these plants carefully. And to place them appropriately for providing health and wealth to inhabitants.

    Right plants have the power to cleanse and purify the atmosphere and to fill it with freshness and positive energy. So, if you grow the right plants as per Vastu guidelines, they can have a great impact on your quality of life.

    Most of these Vastu plants are quite easy to grow and require very little maintenance. As such, you can easily make them a part of your home. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing Vastu plants that can fill your space with freshness and life.

    Holy Basil or Tulsi Plant

    Tulsi Plant Vastu

    Holy Basil or tulsi plant is a sacred and propitious plant as per Vastu shastra and Hindu mythology. It has been used for many decades for the purpose of purifying and cleansing energy in the home.

    The best directions for planting this sacred plant are North, East, and Northeast. Tulsi plant also has many medicinal benefits and this is the reason many people worship this plant.

    Snake Plant As Per Vastu

    Snake Plant Vastu

    The snake plant is a beautiful indoor plant and it has the capacity to enhance the oxygen flow in your rooms. This plant helps in improving the indoor atmosphere by cleansing the toxins and other harmful elements from the air.

    It is an easy-to-grow, and maintain plant that you can effortlessly grow in your home. Snake plant also does not require much water. As per Vastu, this plant can be very beneficial for your home.

    Money Plant As Per Vastu

    Money Plant Vastu

    Money plant is the most popular and famous indoor plant. It can be found growing in almost all parts of the country. This plant can be grown successfully in both soil and water.

    As per Vastu, it is a very effective plant that can attract money and wealth like a magnet. It is also very effective in purifying and cleansing the air of the home and removing the negative energy.

    Lucky Bamboo Plant

    Lucky Bamboo Plant Vastu

    The lucky bamboo plant is also a very famous plant and it is of great significance in both, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. It is a symbol of good luck, wealth, fame, and prosperity in the home.

    There are certain rules and guidelines according to which you have to use this plant. As it offers beneficial results only with proper use and application according to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui guidelines.

    Jasmine Plant in Vastu

    Jasmine Plant Vastu

    As per Vastu, this is an amazing plant that you can grow in the backyard and garden of your home. And you can also grow a small jasmine plant in the indoor atmosphere of your home.

    These Jasmine plants help to remove the negativity from the atmosphere by spreading their sweet aromatic fragrance. These plants are also very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Lily Plant

    Lily Plant Vastu

    As per Vastu shastra, the Lily plants help to remove the stress and other negative elements from the atmosphere of your home. You can easily grow this plant as a bonsai plant in your home.

    These plants look very beautiful and classy, and as such, they help to make your home atmosphere calm and pleasing. They will also help to elevate the mood of the inhabitants of the home.

    Lavender Plant

    Lavender Plant Vastu

    The Lavender plant is a colorful, vibrant, and energetic plant that can lift your overall energy of any part of your home. This plant has a pure, pleasing, and aromatic fragrance.

    These plants bring good luck to your home and they are a symbol of growth and prosperity. These beautiful and vibrant plants also help to maintain peace and harmony in your home.

    Best Direction For Plants As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu Shastra, North, Northeast, and East directions are very suitable for keeping indoor Vastu plants. Most indoor plants only need indirect sunlight and the morning sunlight is most suitable for these indoor Vastu plants.

    Hence as per Vastu guidelines, we should plant small plants, shrubs, and trees in these directions. And we should place tall and big trees in the backyard or garden in the Southern and Western directions of the home.

    This helps in keeping you safe from the harmful infrared rays of the sunlight. These infrared rays are not at all favorable for the health of the family members living in your home.

    Most Important Tips For Vastu Plants In Home

    Vastu Plants
    1. Growing colorful and fragrant flower plants in the Northwest direction of the home is considered favorable and auspicious.
    2. Apart from the rose plant and the aloe vera plant, you should avoid growing any other plants with pricks at our place.
    3. Never grow any big tree in the Brahmasthan of the house and also directly in front of the main door or entrance door of your home.
    4. Avoid growing thorny plants like cactus in any part of your home. You should remove such plants from your home as early as possible.
    5. Plants that emit carbon dioxide at the night should not be placed in the bedroom. This can cause health issues for people sleeping in this room.
    6. Avoid growing plants like Babul, Tamarind, Black Plum, Orange, Jackfruit, Eucalyptus, in your home and area near the home.
    7. Also avoid trees with very strong root systems like the Banyan tree, as the roots of these trees can weaken the foundation of a house.

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