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Best Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu – Most Important Tips

    It is essential for you to have knowledge about the best sleeping direction as per Vastu principles. Good sound sleep is one of the basic requirements for maintaining good health. And to get that sound sleep it is very important to have knowledge of the right position of the bed and your correct sleeping direction as per Vastu.

    The sleeping direction is determined by the position of your head while sleeping. It is necessary that you understand the importance of head position while sleeping. The position of your head determines the effects of a particular direction on your body.

    A correct sleeping position can be very beneficial for your health. And similarly, a wrong sleeping position can have a serious impact on your body and your overall well-being.

    sleeping direction as per vastu

    Correct Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

    As per Vastu principles, it is recommended that you should place your head preferably towards the East direction while sleeping. East is the direction of auspicious energies, as such, placing your head in this direction while sleeping is considered favorable.

    If placing your head in the East direction is not possible then you can place your head in the South direction while sleeping. You should do your best to avoid placing your head in the North direction while sleeping.

    Due to any constraints if you are not able to sleep placing your head towards the East or South direction, then you can place your head towards the Southeast, Southwest, or West direction while sleeping. These directions are not considered harmful but they are not considered amongst the best directions for sleeping.

    Side Effects Of Sleeping In North Direction

    Vastu principles strongly suggest not to place your head in the North direction while sleeping. The North direction is considered auspicious and virtuous for many deeds but not sleeping. The science behind this logic is that the head of a person is considered as its North and the feet are considered as South.

    And the earth is a huge magnet with a North pole and a South pole. So when you place your body’s North in alignment with the earth’s North it creates a repulsive force. This force acts against the whole life process of your body and this is not at all favorable for you.

    In terms of sleeping, the North direction is considered as the direction of death. In Hindu traditions, whenever a dead body is placed the first thing that is ensured is to keep its head towards the North direction. Let’s have a look at some of the side effects of sleeping with your head towards the North direction.

    • It disrupts the normal flow of blood in the body, and this may lead to blood pressure related problems.
    • A sound sleep is very difficult to achieve when sleeping with your head in the North direction because of contractions in the body.
    • Due to the repulsive magnetic force of the earth, your body will have less energy.
    • Sleeping with the head in the North direction can increase stress and tension in the body and mind.
    • It can also lead to illness in the long term as it leaves you exhausted in the mornings.

    Advantages Of Sleeping In Correct Direction

    • Sleeping in the correct direction gives you a good sound sleep that keeps you refreshed and active on the next day.
    • It provides proper rest to your brain and body. It allows your body and brain to get recharged properly.
    • A sound sleep ensured that you stay from many types of ailments.
    • It also helps you and your body to recover and heal from any kind of injury or problem.
    • Regular good sleep at night ensures that your brain functions at its best, it increases mental alertness.
    vastu sleeping direction

    Important Tips For Proper Sleeping Direction

    • As far as possible, the bed should be placed in the center of the room with all three sides open.
    • This helps in maintaining the proper flow of energy and vibrations within the room.
    • People who do work of intellect, children, students, etc. should always sleep with their heads placed towards the East direction.
    • Bed with square or rectangular shapes are considered the best types of beds as per Vastu Shastra.
    • The wooden bed with four legs and empty space beneath it is considered the best type of bed as per Vastu.

    Things To Avoid – Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

    • The bed should never be placed in the Brahmasthan, which is the center of the house. This is considered a serious Vastu defect.
    • You should avoid placing the bed exactly in front of the entry door of the room. The door should be on either side.
    • The bed should never be positioned in any of the corners of the room, as this restricts the flow of energies in the room.
    • You should also avoid placing the bed directly under any of the overhead beams in the ceiling of the room.
    • The bed should be kept clean, any kind of mess creates a negative energy and it disrupts a good night’s sleep.
    • There should not be any window behind the bed. The bed should not be placed exactly in front of the toilet door.
    • You should avoid keeping heavy storage items like metal items, big utensils, etc. under the bed.
    • If there is a mirror in the bedroom, then there should not be any reflection of the bed in the mirror.
    • You should avoid using odd, circular, oval, or irregular shapes for bed.

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