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Best Plants For Balcony In India – Make Balcony Heavenly

    This article is about the best plants which are easily available in India, that you can plant on your balcony to make it a heavenly place. The recent lockdown which was imposed on many of the countries during the pandemic has shown us the true importance of a balcony in a home. A balcony is a space that enables us to connect with the outside world even if we are not allowed to step out of our homes.

    It is very important to maintain your balcony in such a way that it becomes one of the most pleasing parts of your home. Although there are many decorative items that are available for making your balcony a beautiful and pacifying place, plants are the most superior of them all. You will easily notice the difference once you start planting the right plants on your balcony.

    The beautiful and colorful plants not only make your balcony look amazing but they also provide you refreshment, flowers, fresh air, and a sense of contact with nature. Let us have a look at some of the most beautiful and amazing plants that you can plant on your balcony to have an amazing and heavenly feel.


    best plants for balcony india

    Petunias are one of the most amazing flower plants available in India, it is a genus of many colorful plants that can make your balcony colorful with their amazing presence. Petunias can be easily planted in pots and planters, they are easy to grow and maintain. But you would need to take care of the watering needs of petunias, they need regular watering especially during the times when the sunlight is intense.

    The flowers of the petunia plant are generally quite delicate, and they would start drooping in the harsh sunlight. First, you will observe the flowers drooping, and then the leaves would start drooping, so to avoid that you should make sure that you water your petunia plant almost every day and also protect them from harsh sunlight.


    best plants for balcony india

    Dianthus plant is very famous in India for its beautiful and stunning pink color flowers, these beautiful unique flowers will give an amazing flair to your balcony. The requirements of dianthus plants are quite similar to that of petunia plants. They also love good sunlight, which is about three to four hours of direct sunlight falling on them.

    If you wish to plant dianthus then you need to ensure that they are well watered. Dianthus are more tolerant than the petunia plants, they are moderately tolerant of water scarcity and harsh sunlight. These plants have equally beautiful blue-green foliage that spreads its own shine along with the flowers.


    best plants for balcony india

    Basil is a very common herb that been used in India for ages, our ancestors used this plant to get wonderful health. In Ayurveda, holy basil has been given a very significant place, it is considered to be an “elixir of life”. You will very commonly find a basil plant in many of the Indian homes because it has been a tradition to plant a Basil in the courtyard in India.

    It is very easy to grow a Basil plant on your balcony too, this plant will not only give you fresh air, but its leaves will also provide you with an amazing herb. These leaves have a lot of beneficial properties for your overall well being.


    best plants for balcony india

    Kalanchoe plants are succulent plants that can be easily seen in any florist shop, garden, or nursery. These plants produce a large bloom of beautiful and amazing colorful flowers. They are easy to grow and they can survive in many types of climatic conditions.

    The leaves of this plant are waxy in nature, it is a succulent plant and it does not die that quickly, it also flowers nicely in places having milder temperatures. It needs to be watered once in 3 to 4 days or once a week depending upon the climatic conditions in which you live.  You should avoid overwatering the plant because it can actually kill the plant. 


    best plants for balcony india

    Mint or Mentha is an aromatic plant that will give your balcony a fragrant and refreshing smell. This plant has light shiny green leaves and small or rather tiny purple, pink or white flowers. Mint is also an amazing herb that has a lot of uses in our everyday life.

    The leaves of the mint plant can be used for making herbal teas, it can be also used for garnishing soap and many other dishes. It is also one of the easiest growing plants that can easily survive your balcony conditions. As such you should definitely add this plant to the lift of your balcony plants.


    best plants for balcony india

    Crossandra is a great long-lasting colorful plant that can really light up any space, and you will definitely fall in love with the vibrant colors and the intricate design of the flowers and the plant. The Cassandra plants can also be kept indoors, as they do need a lot of direct sunlight, they can easily survive in medium light also.

    So you can put this plant inside your room too on a window that gets about medium to a good amount of direct sunlight. You can water them like any other indoor plant, they do need a lot of water, you can water them whenever the soil in the pot dries up.


    best plants for balcony india

    Marigold plant is one of the most common and popular plants found in India. These plants are found almost everywhere in India, they are super easy to grow, and they can be easily propagated from their seeds. Their beautiful orange and yellow flowers spice up the whole place with their vibrant colors.

    There are a lot of varieties of marigold plant, you can grow any one of these varieties in your garden. These plants are pretty safe and easy, you just need to provide them three to four hours of direct sunlight and water them whenever the soil dries. Marigold is also anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and insect repeller.


    best plants for balcony india

    Lavender is amongst one of those plants which are very famous for the oils obtained from these plants. Growing a lavender plant on your balcony will help you to diversify the fauna on your balcony. Lavender plant is used in aromatherapy all around the world.

    The lavender flowers are very unique and they have a very distinct purple color in their flowers. These flowers are also very fragrant and they spread their sweet fragrance all over the place in which they are planted.

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