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Best Places For Dead Person Or Ancestor Photos As Per Vastu

    People who have lost their loved ones very well understand the importance of the photos of that dead person. As per Vastu shastra, there are certain places and directions in which the photos of the departed ones should be placed to maintain peace and harmony in the home.

    The person who has left for the heavenly abode only physically disappears from this world. But he or she continues to live in your memories. The photographs of this loved one are one of the most cherished objects that remind you of the good times that you spent with this person.

    It is believed that the soul of these people showers blessings and good wishes on you and your home. As such it becomes very important to place the photos of your ancestors, elders, or any other deceased family members in the correct place to maintain peace and harmony in the house.

    vastu photo dead person

    Best Direction To Place Dead Person or Ancestor’s Photo

    As per Vastu principles, the south direction is associated with your ancestors and your other demised family members. As such the south direction is considered the most favorable direction to place the photo of your ancestors and other dead family members. The photographs of your ancestors and dead family members should not be placed in any other direction.

    The photograph of your ancestors and dead family members should never be placed in the north direction, east direction, and the west direction. The other direction than the south direction which can be used for placing the photo is the southwest direction.

    Important Vastu Tips For Dead Person Photos

    • The photo of our ancestors and dead family members should not be placed in any place in the middle of the house. The center of the house is not at all considered suitable for the placement of the photographs of your departed loved ones.
    • The photographs of your departed loved ones should not be placed in a place from where they can be seen directly while entering the house or while leaving the house.
    • You should avoid placing the photo of a dead person in your family in your bedroom. Especially if that dead person was elder to you.
    • The photo frames of your ancestors and dead family members should be thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals. So that no dust gets accumulated on these photo frames.
    • You should also avoid placing the photograph of the departed loved ones in multiple places in your home. The photograph should be preferably placed at a single favorable and suitable place.
    • You should only put photos of your ancestors and your family members in your house. But you should completely avoid placing the photograph of any dead person outside of your family.
    • You should also avoid using a photograph that has more than one of your ancestors or family members in the same photo. It should be preferred to use a single photograph with only one family member.
    vastu photo dead person

    Dead Person or Ancestor’s Photos In Pooja Room or Mandir

    As per Vastu principles, the photographs of your ancestors and other dead family members can be placed in the pooja room or mandir of your house. But while keeping the photographs in the mandir or Pooja room you should make sure that the photo is not placed along with the photos or idols of Gods. Even the photograph of your Guru should not be placed along with the photo or idols of your God.

    The family member who is not there anymore in this world is very special to us. He or she holds a very distinctive place in our hearts. But still, he or she cannot be placed in a similar position to God. God governs a totally different aspect of our life. And as such his place and position cannot be mixed with our loved ones.

    You can place the photograph of your beloved family members or ancestors at a different place in the pooja room or mandir, preferably in the south direction. Consider hanging the photos on the wall in the south direction. You can offer garlands, prayers, prasad, and any other thing as per your belief and tradition.

    Dead Person or Ancestor’s Photos In Office

    As per Vastu principles, you are allowed to keep the photographs of your loved ones or ancestors in your office. But you should make sure that these photographs are cleaned at regular intervals of time. Also, no objects like an ashtray, cigarette packet, or any other such substances should be placed near the photographs of your ancestors.

    While cleaning the photographs hung on the office walls you should make sure that they are cleaned properly. They should be cleaned not only from the front side but also from the backside. Because this is the place we are a lot of dust can get accumulated if the photo frames are not cleaned at regular intervals. And this may attract a negative form of energy.

    33 thoughts on “Best Places For Dead Person Or Ancestor Photos As Per Vastu”

    1. My dad is no more. I have a photo of my mom and dad together and a family photo where my dad is there. can I keep it on south east corner, as I don’t have a South West corner.

        1. When you say South direction, does it means photo need to face towards South direction. Please confirm. Also I have my kuladeivam photo and which direction it need to face ?

    2. In our office room where should I keep 7 running horse pic & my heavenly parents poster. Totally confused pls help

      1. Keep 7 running horses pic on the wall in the south direction and pictures of your heavenly parents in either south or southwest direction.

        1. The Photos of the deceased family members should be on the south wall facing north direction or North wall facing south direction ???

    3. Place available only in centre or south wall on entrance of my bed room
      As i have bed room in both north as well as south direction
      So both direction wall is visible on entrance of room only

      At centre of my house i placed facing north direction

      Is it ok or not

    4. Can I place my parents photo (who are no more) above the pooja room entrance on the west side wall facing east. As I don’t have a south or south west wall which is not opposite to main entrance. My house entrance is north facing.

      1. Ideally, the ancestor’s photo has to be placed in such a way that the photo faces the North direction while the person looking at them faces the South direction. That is why walls in the South and Southwest direction are considered most optimum.

        1. Thanks, I have photos of my father and mother, should I put my mother’s photo to the left side of my father of to the right side.

    5. Hello, sir, my self allwindurai can we use ancestor photos while performing Pooja on some important day and after that can we keep that photo in cupboard or keep on the wall permanently pls suggest thank you

    6. Shall i keep my expired father photo in the south west corner of my bedroom or south west corner of my kitchen, please help me out with your kind information and beautiful advice thanking you sir

    7. Thank you so much recently I have made a house and had to hang the grandfather photo in the home. But after reading this article I have searched the place to hand the grandfather photo at my home. Thank you so much sir for such information.

      1. Sir, my husband’s dad is dead for about 10years. But he missed his dad on our wedding day. So can i make a photo frame with his dad being in our wedding as a gift to him .

    8. Hii..this side is Shivam from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
      In our home 3 rooms are there and 1 is on ground floor and 2 are on first floor of house.
      In the ground floor room we have pooja mandir and we does not use this room for sleep and other activity. We are living on 2 rooms of first floor. Can i place the photographs of my Grand Father, Grand Mother and my Father’s elder brother in the ground floor room in the south wall.

    9. We have to hang ancestor photo in south wall . Pls clarify. So as photo will face north and we will stand facing south direction.pls clarify

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