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Best Cleaning Cloth For Your Home – Pro Tips And Ideas

    Choosing the appropriate cleaning cloth can be quite a task. You need to weigh in factors like the type of cleaning cloth, area to be cleaned, type of surface, etc. If you choose the right cleaning cloth then cleaning becomes a lot easier.

    Whether it is the day to day cleaning or deep cleaning you require the right cleaning cloth for proper finishing. There are many varieties of cleaning cloths available in the market.

    In this article, we will tell you which cleaning cloth to use? How to use it? When to use it? How to wash it? And all other details. Let us have a look at the most popular cleaning cloths for your home.

    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Microfiber cloth is available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. It is very effective in cleaning and absorbing dirt and moisture. It is also very reasonable and durable, as such it is one of the most popular options.

    microfiber cleaning cloth

    Microfiber cloth can easily clean even without cleaning sprays, as it can absorb dust and dirt effectively. This cloth is also lint-free and does not leave behind any lint after cleaning.

    It can be used for cleaning almost all places in your home like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, car, etc. Microfiber cloth is also very useful for cleaning dust and dirt on all types of furniture in your home.

    Merits And Demerits

    • Good quality microfiber cloths are highly absorbent, they work well with water and cleaning sprays.
    • They can be washed very easily and they also dry up quickly for reuse.
    • They are multipurpose cleaning cloths and they can be used for cleaning almost all kinds of materials.
    • The microfiber cloth is highly durable and can be used for a long period of time.
    • It is not very environment friendly, as such many people do not recommend using this cloth.

    How To Wash

    The microfiber cloth is very easy to wash. It should be washed separately, you can wash it in your washing machine. You can simply wash it in the night after cleaning your kitchen and let it dry overnight.

    Cotton Cleaning Cloth

    A hundred percent cotton cloth is made up of high-quality cotton. For the purpose of cleaning, you can use a high-quality cotton cloth. This cleaning cloth is generally used for polishing and dusting various parts and accessories in your home.

    cotton cleaning cloth

    This cleaning cloth cleans quite efficiently and it does not even leave behind fingerprints. Cotton cloth is made up of organic material, as such, it is may attract bacteria and it may also develop an odor.

    It is very inexpensive and it can be easily purchased from your local market. Cotton is a natural fiber and it is very environment friendly, so if it suits your requirements you should definitely use it.

    Merits And Demerits

    • Cotton cloth is easy to clean and it also dries very quickly.
    • This cloth is not very effective in picking up micro dust particles.
    • It is very environment friendly, it is biodegradable, reusable, and disposable.
    • Cotton cloth can leave lint behind after the cleaning.

    How To Wash

    Cotton cloth can be washed very easily after using it for cleaning. It can be washed with a normal detergent or soap. It can be washed manually or in the washing machine.

    Terry Cotton Cleaning Cloth

    Terry cotton cloth is a great cloth for cleaning purposes, it is made up of ring-spun and woven cotton. And you can use this cloth for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, furniture or any other place in your home.

    terry cotton cleaning cloth

    It can absorb large amounts of water and it is quite effective in picking up the dirt. This cloth is very helpful in cleaning up larger areas quickly and easily.

    These cloths can be used for a variety of household clean up jobs in the home. Terry cloth can be used both dry and wet. They are easy to rinse and wash and can be quickly reused as and when required.

    Merits And Demerits

    • Terry cloth is a soft, durable, and strong cloth that can clean many types of materials.
    • This cloth is easy to wash and it also dries at a good pace.
    • Terry cloths are fluffy and thick, and they can absorb a lot of moisture.
    • This cloth can leave behind lint after the cleaning is done, especially when it is used wet.

    How To Wash

    You can just toss terry cloth in your washing machine at the end of the day. You can also wash them with a regular load of your cleaning cloths.

    Cleaning Cloth Sponge

    Sponge cloths are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes in the market. They are highly absorbent, as such, they are recommended for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms in your house.

    cleaning cloth

    The little holes in these cloths can absorb liquid very easily and hold it inside. It is very useful for cleaning countertops, ceramic surfaces, dishes, and everyday spills quickly and effectively.

    These cloths are very absorbent which can also be a little bit of a problem. As it becomes very difficult to clean them because they really soak up the dirt and grease within them.

    Merits And Demerits

    • The sponge cloth is not very durable, they have to be replaced very quickly.
    • They are good for cleaning everyday spills quickly.
    • It can become home to bacteria if not cleaned thoroughly.
    • They are not very strong, so you need to take care while cleaning rough items.

    How To Wash

    This cloth has to be washed thoroughly to avoid bacterial growth. It should be washed and squeezed properly after the cleaning process is over. It also takes some time to get fully dried.

    Cellulose Wipe Cleaning Cloth

    This wipe cloth feels like a thin sponge, it is very versatile. You can use it for washing dishes, for wiping down surfaces, for wiping up spills, or for anything you can use a sponge or a paper towel for.

    cellulose wipe cloth

    The great thing about these wipes is that they help you to reduce waste because when you use them you do not throw away paper towels. And they work even better than paper towels, they do not leave behind any residue.

    Merits And Demerits

    • The cellulose wipe cloth can last long if it is used properly.
    • It is a lot healthier with fewer bacteria than a sponge because it is very thin and it dries quickly.
    • This cloth can easily get stained by materials like coffee, sauce, etc.
    • If you scrub it on something it will start to deteriorate and it will eventually fall apart.
    • It is biodegradable, it is generally made up of 70 percent cellulose and 30 percent cotton.

    How To Wash

    This cloth is very easy to wash and sanitize. You can put it in the washing machine, you can put it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Also, you can sanitize it by boiling or by putting it in the microwave for one minute.

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