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Best Almirah Position As Per Vastu – Direction N Other Details

    Knowing the correct almirah position as per Vastu is essential because it is the prime storage component in the house. People use almirah to keep their clothes, accessories, jewelry, blankets, bags, and a lot of other important stuff.

    Also, an almirah is one of the big size elements of the home that takes a substantial amount of space in your home. As such, it is very important to know the correct placement and usage of this element to get benefits from it, for you and your family members.

    almirah position as per vastu

    An almirah has the power to have a significant impact on the energy flow in your home, both in a positive and negative way. So let’s understand how you can correctly use almirah in your home to your advantage.

    Best Almirah Position As Per Vastu

    The best position for the almirah as per Vastu is the Southwest direction of the room. This direction is considered ideal for the placement of the almirah in the room because it is associated with the earth element and governed by Lord Nirrti.

    As per Vastu principles, this direction should be balanced with heavy materials so that the overall energy gets properly balanced in the house. So the placement of the almirah suits this direction as it is one of the heaviest components in the house.

    If the almirah cannot be placed in the Southwest direction because of any kind of constraints then it can be placed either in the South direction or the West direction of the room. These directions are also suitable for the placement of the almirah.

    If the almirah is placed in these directions it provides stability to the overall energy in the house. If you are using a metal almirah then make sure that it is placed at some distance from the corner and not exactly at the corner.

    Also, ensure that the almirah opens towards the north direction, this is an auspicious direction facing for almirah. This means that when you open the almirah you will face the South direction and the almirah will face the North direction.

    Almirah In Bedroom As Per Vastu

    almirah in bedroom as per vastu

    An almirah can be placed in your bedroom in accordance with the Vastu guidelines. The Southwest corner is the best corner for making a master bedroom in the house and keeping the almirah in the southwest direction of this bedroom is very auspicious.

    The almirah in the bedroom should always be in proper condition and it should be cleaned properly inside and out. If you use a metal almirah it can develop rust because of the wet mopping of floors.

    This rust rots the metal at the bottom of the almirah and it also leaves stains on the floor. The empty space in the foot of the almirah is used by insects, spiders, and rats for spreading filth.

    This can cause serious Vastu dosh in your bedroom and it can affect the cordial relationship between the couple. So make sure you manage your almirah, cupboard, or wardrobe in the bedroom in such a way that these things don’t happen to you.

    Vastu Tips For Almirah With Mirror

    almirah with mirror vastu

    You can use an almirah with a mirror in your home but with some precautions. You need to understand the function of the mirror with respect to the energies in the home. The mirrors have a reflective surface and they reflect the energy that falls on them.

    So, you should use an almirah with a mirror in such a way that they only reflect back the harmful energies out of the home. Also, you should avoid using an almirah with a mirror in your bedroom.

    But if you must keep the almirah with a mirror in your bedroom then it should be placed in such a way that it does not show your reflection in the mirror while you are resting in your bed.

    Important Vastu Tips For Almirah

    vastu tips almirah
    • The almirah should not be placed in the Northeast, North, or East direction of the house or any particular room in the house. These directions should be left open for the proper flow of positive vibrations.
    • The best material for making an almirah or cupboard in the room is wood. It can be any kind of wood like plywood, hardwood, etc. You can also use a metal almirah also but it tends to get rusty with time.
    • If you are using a metal almirah you have to ensure that it does not make any kind of sound while opening and closing. It should open and close smoothly especially when you use it for keeping cash or money.
    • While making a full-size wardrobe in the room make sure to use the mica and laminates in such a way that they do not show your reflection in them while you are lying down in the bed.
    • The almirah should not face exactly towards the South direction, this will lead to an increase in expenses in your home. The facing of the almirah is determined by the way in which it opens.
    • The center of your home which is also called the ‘Brahmasthan’ should also not get occupied by any of the almirahs. While planning for your home make sure you keep the Brahmasthan free from any kind of weight and clutter.

    Vastu For Tijori In Almirah

    vastu almirah tijori

    The best direction for keeping the safe, vault, or tijori as per Vastu is the Northwest direction. Most of the people have their safe or tijori fixed inside one of the almirahs in their house, or a cupboard, or a wardrobe in their room.

    In this case, the good directions for placement of tijori in a room are South, Southwest, and West direction of the room. The tijori should not be placed in the Northeast direction of the room.

    This tijori or safe is used to keep the most valuable items and possessions of one’s home. These valuable items include cash, jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds, etc. These items are the lifetime collection of hard-earned money and savings of a family.

    As such it is very important to choose the direction, material, place, and color of the tijori or safe as per Vastu principles. This helps in attracting positive energy and vibes in the home resulting in more wealth and property for the family.

    The best colors for tijori or safe are cream and yellow. The tijori should be placed either on a stand or a wooden plank, it should not be rested on the floor. Avoid using red and green colors for your tijori.

    If a family does not comply with Vastu principles for keeping tijori then it may result in a decrease in wealth in the family. It can also result in an increase in expenditure and monetary losses for the family.

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