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Bathroom Vastu For North Facing House – Prominent Tips

    The north direction is considered as a very favorable direction for the construction of the house as per Vastu principles. Placement of the bathroom is an important aspect in a north facing house. The north direction is the direction of the water element. North Direction is considered responsible for the creation of new opportunities in your life.

    Life on the planet earth has originated from the water. Water is not only the creator but is also a driving force. Therefore the association of the north direction with water makes it a very powerful direction.

    So it becomes very important to place your bathroom appropriately to welcome positive energy in your home. And along with proper placement of the bathroom, it is also essential to place all elements in the bathroom cautiously.

    bathroom vastu for north facing house

    Best Direction For Bathroom – For North Facing House

    As per Vastu principles, the best places for placing the bathroom in the north facing house are the North-Northwest and West-Northwest portion of your house. The North-Northwest part of the home comes exactly in the front portion. As such the West-Northwest block of the home is most suitable for a north facing house.

    If constructing the bathroom is not possible in both of these parts of your home then you can use the other options. In this case, you can opt for North-Northeast or East-Northeast block for making the bathroom. If any of these options are not possible for you then you can use the West-Southwest block for placing your bathroom.

    Vastu Bathroom For North Facing House

    Important Vastu Tips – Bathroom In North Facing House

    • You would need to align all the elements in your bathroom as per the direction you choose for making your bathroom. Along with ease of usage, you also need to take care of Vastu principles for placing all the elements.
    • The taps and the shower should be in the North, North-Northeast, or East-Northeast direction of your bathroom. The taps and showers allow the flow of water, as such they should be placed cautiously.
    • The bathroom should not be placed in any of the exact corners of your home like Northeast corner, Northwest corner, etc. The bathroom should be placed after leaving a certain distance from the corner.
    • The soaps, shampoo, detergents, and other cleaning materials should be kept in the Northwest corner of the bathrooms.
    • The slope of your bathroom should always be towards North or Northeast as it allows the water to exit towards these directions. And this phenomenon is considered auspicious as per Vastu principles.
    • The best directions for the entrance wall of the bathroom is the wall present in the North direction or the East direction.
    • The bathroom should never be created in the center of the house. The center of the house is the ‘Brahmasthan’ and creating a bathroom in this area can cause serious Vastu defects.

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