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Bamboo Plant Vastu – Correct Direction Placement And Tips

    Many people grow the bamboo plant in their homes but most of them do not have proper bamboo plant Vastu knowledge. Placing and growing the bamboo plant in the wrong places and directions in the home will restrict the good effects and benefits of this lucky plant.

    The bamboo plant can be easily grown in both soil and water in your house. It is hollow from the inside as such it allows proper flow of positive energy from within the plant. It is one of the fastest-growing plants and thus it is a symbol of growth and prosperity.

    The bamboo plant is a scientifically proven air purifying plant, this makes it very suitable for growing it indoors. It is also a very beautiful plant and it helps to soothe your mind and alleviates stress and anxiety in your life.

    bamboo plant vastu

    Best Direction For Store Room As Per Vastu

    The best direction for growing the Vastu bamboo plant in your home are Northeast, East, North, and Southeast. The Vastu bamboo plant is a stunning tool for activating the energy of a particular direction. As such it can be used as per one’s need and requirement.

    Keeping the bamboo plant in the Northeast direction will help to improve the intellectual power. It will also help in decluttering the mind and it will promote new and innovative ideas and thought generation.

    If you keep the bamboo plant in the East direction then as per Vastu principles it will help to bring new energy in your life. It will also strengthen your relations and connections within the family and with other people.

    Bamboo plants are generally grown in two ways, it is either grown as a small Vastu plant inside the home or as a big size plant in the garden or backyard. When you grow the big size bamboo plant the favorable directions are the South, West, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest.

    But growing these natural bamboo plants in your home is not easy because they grow very rapidly and achieve great heights. This can cause space-related problems in your house. So, for growing bamboo plants in the home, the variety Dracaena Sanderiana is used.

    bamboo plant vastu direction

    Important Vastu Tips For Vastu Bamboo Plant

    • The Vastu bamboo plant is an indoor plant but it still requires some light and ventilation. If you continuously keep this plant in the dark and low ventilation space then it will start turning yellow.
    • In the summer season, the sunlight is very harsh and this is not good for the health of the bamboo plant. You should ensure to not keep the bamboo plant under direct sunlight especially in the summer season.
    • In the winter season when the sunlight is not very harsh you can keep this Vastu bamboo plant in a place that gets partial sunlight. This place can be near a window or near a gate.
    • When you grow the bamboo plant in water in your home, make sure that you change the water at regular intervals. You should consider replacing the water in the container with fresh water every week.
    • Avoid using hard water or tap water for filling the pot of the bamboo plant. This water may contain a lot of impurities that can harm the bamboo plant. Use your drinking water for filling the bamboo plant pot.
    • If any of the bamboo plant stems gets infected with fungus it will change color and turn yellow to black. Make sure to remove this stem away from the bundle of stems as soon as possible to keep the other stems healthy.
    • The roots of the bamboo plant have to be treated at regular intervals to save them from fungal infection. You can use cinnamon powder to treat the roots of the bamboo plant at least once per month to keep it healthy.

    Amazing Qualities Of Bamboo Plant As Per Vastu

    Vastu shastra is based on logic, rationality, and years of experience. This is the reason Vastu Shastra takes into account all the properties exhibited by various elements of nature. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing properties that make the bamboo plant a valuable Vastu plant.

    • The bamboo plant grows at a very rapid pace in the upward direction. This signifies the growth and prosperity aspect of one’s life.
    • The bamboo plant multiplies very quickly, it grows at an exponential rate. This is a symbol of the multiplication of wealth in one’s life.
    • This plant is highly resistant to diseases and infections. This quality is a symbol of good health and resistance to diseases.
    • The bamboo plant can withstand even powerful wind currents and storms. This signifies the ability to fight against all the odds in life.
    • This plant achieves great heights but still remains well-rooted. This aspect is a symbol of stability and strength in life.

    How To Use Vastu Bamboo Plant

    bamboo plant vastu elements

    The Vastu bamboo plant has to be used properly to get the right benefits for you and your family. The bamboo plant has to be used in such a way that the overall setup represents all the five Vastu elements.

    These five Vastu elements are wood, fire, earth, water, and air. These five elements can be incorporated into this setup by combining the following materials.

    Wood -: The stem of the Vastu bamboo plant represents the wood element.

    Fire -: A red color ribbon can be tied to the bunch of bamboo stalk to represent the fire element.

    Earth -: You can fill the container or pot with rock or pebbles to represent the earth element.

    Water -: The water in the bamboo plant pot represents the water element.

    Air -: The air is already present around the bamboo plant pot.

    The different number of stalks in the Vastu bamboo plant is beneficial for different aspects of life. As such you should use the combination of stalks as per your need and requirement.

    • The combination of two stalks enhances the relationship of the couples in the home.
    • Three bamboo stalk combination is for longevity and happiness in life.
    • A combination of five stalks of bamboo enhances health and wealth.
    • The combination of eight stalks of bamboo attracts growth and prosperity.
    • A combination of 21 stalks enhances the overall positive energy of the home.

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