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Balcony Pond | Set The Best Mini Pond For Your Balcony

    Balcony pond is a mini replica of the actual pond, that you can make in your own home to have a sense of contact with this beautiful creation of nature. Water is one of the most important components for the survival of human beings on Earth, this is the reason that human beings are naturally attracted to water.

    There is something special about water that makes the human body system pure from within and outside. Water can remove the toxicity inside the body, it can also clean the body from outside, and you can even calm the nerves of your body by simply looking and observing a natural water system. This is the reason that many people field refreshed by just sitting at the bank of a river, or in front of a pond.

    But in today’s scenario, this simple thing is not even accessible for the majority of the population. Many of the cities do not have any river or any kind of natural water system in or around them. This is the reason it becomes even more important for you to have a balcony pond in your home so that you can keep yourself and your family in touch with mother nature.

    balcony pond

    Items For Creating Balcony Pond

    For creating a beautiful balcony pond in your home you do not need to spend a lot of money. You only need a few items that can be easily obtained from your neighborhood market. Let’s have a look at some of the main items that you would need to make your own beautiful balcony garden.

    Medium Size Bowl or Container

    You will need a medium-sized bowl or container with sufficient depth to place all the other items in it. It is best to use a transparent glass bowl so that the inner contents are visible from all angles.

    Garden Soil

    You can use sand or any type of garden soil for making the balcony pond, you need the soil to make a little layer of soil at the bottom of the pond. This layer will function as the base for the plant and it will help the plant to actually root itself and grow underwater.

    Water Plants

    You will also need some water plants for your balcony pond, you can plant any water plants or aquarium plants. These plants act as the main attraction of your balcony pond, so make sure to choose the best plant as per your requirement.

    Small Rocks

    Many small and beautiful rocks are available in the market that you can use to decorate your balcony pond. These round-shaped rocks and pebbles can also be obtained from river banks, placing some of these rocks help you to create a replica of the actual pond.

    balcony pond

    Aquarium Gravels

    Beautiful aquarium gravels can easily be obtained, these colorful gravels give a unique appearance to your balcony pond. You would not need to put a lot of gravels, just putting a little layer of aquarium gravels will perfectly do the job.

    Fresh Water

    Freshwater is the most important component of a pond, and this is one component that you would need more than once. You would have to replace the water with fresh water at regular intervals.


    Using a bubbler for your pond is optional, but if you want the water inside the pond to move and create ripples, which are a good omen, then you can use a bubbler in your balcony pond.

    How To Create Balcony Pond

    • Once you have all the above-mentioned components creating a balcony pond is one of the easiest tasks.
    • All you need to do is take the container and fill it with the garden soil or a mixture of garden soil and sand, after that plant the selected water plant in this soil.
    • Now you can add the stones and the pebbles, and the aquarium gravel on the top of the soil layer. This will help the soil to hold its place properly.
    • Once this plant is rooted properly you should slowly add some freshwater. Pout the water very slowly so that the layer of soil does not get disturbed.
    • You should fill the pot or container almost up to the brim of the pot. For making a beautiful pond you can use the water plant varieties like water hyacinth and umbrella palm.
    • You can also use small fishes in your balcony pond, they will fill up your pond with their vivacious and positive energy.
    balcony pond

    Placement Of The Mini Pond

    It is very important to keep your balcony pond in the correct place at your home; this will ensure that your balcony pond sustains properly. The mini pond should not be placed in a place that gets direct or harsh sunlight. Most of the water plants are not very fond of exposure to sunlight, so you should make sure to keep it in a place that gets partial or dim light.

    This mini pond can also be kept indoors, the best thing about this pond is that it can be moved and kept anywhere as per your requirement. You can keep it on the terrace, on the balcony, and even indoors as per the climate and your requirement.

    Maintenance Of The Mini Pond

    One more good thing about the balcony ponds is that they require very little maintenance once they have been made. The most important thing that you need to take care of is the replacement of fresh water at regular intervals.

    If you are using any kind of fish for any other small water life in your balcony pond then you should make sure to arrange for the food at regular intervals. You would also need to adjust the place or location of the pond with the changes in weather.

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