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Attract Parrots And Birds To Your Balcony – Most Effective Tips

    People who enjoy the beauty of nature are naturally attracted to birds like parrots. So if you are one of those people who wonder about how to attract parrots to your balcony, then this article will provide some really helpful insights to you.

    Parrots are one of the most active and bubbly birds, this is the reason people love to attract them to their homes and balconies. The first thing that you need to look for if you want to attract parrots to your balconies, is what do they like to eat.

    Because food is the primary reason they would want to visit your balcony, well if you develop a very special bond with them, which is quite rare to see, they might visit for that too. But then, if you had such a great bond with parrots, you may not have felt the necessity to read the article on this topic.

    attract parrots to balcony

    Parrots are one of those bird species that eat a variety of food items, they eat nuts, pellets, seeds, fruits, chilies, vegetables, and a lot of other things. Parrots also love to eat many types of human diets but not all human foods are safe for them to eat, some of the meals that can be safely and healthily consumed by humans can prove to be harmful to parrots.

    A lot of us are fascinated by parrots and the main reason for this is their beauty, parrots have many different species and all the species look extremely beautiful. The other reason that people like to be with parrots is their high degree of intelligence.

    Parrots are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world. Different varieties of parrots have different levels of intelligence, but almost all of them are fascinating and exciting.

    Most Effective Tips To Attract Parrots To Your Balcony

    Parrots to balcony

    If you wish to make your balcony a resting lounge for birds then you have to make sure to cover the basics of food, water, and shelter. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective tips that you can use to attracts parrots to your balcony.

    Attractive Plants

    If you have a balcony that has some green plants in it then it is definitely a plus for you, because parrots and almost all other birds are naturally attracted to green plants

    . So if you wish to attract parrots and other birds to your balcony then you should definitely make space for some green and fruitful plants.

    Right Feeders And Food

    Different feeders are designed for different types of birds and the types of feed they’re attracted to, so make sure to buy the right feeder for the parrots so that they can feed properly. Also, make sure to keep your feeders filled all the time, if there’s no food available in the feeder the birds will move on.

    Choosing the high-quality seeds for the birds may cost you slightly more, but it contains less filler and more nourishment for the birds. You can use hooks, poles, and hangers to hang feeders at different appropriate heights, this helps to attract different types of birds.

    parrot feeders

    Fresh Water Availability

    If there is not a natural water source like a pond or fountain nearby your house then, keeping freshwater for the parrots is a great source of attraction. Parrots and all other birds like to have a birdbath once in a while to keep them fresh. So, keep the water fresh for the birds by changing it every few days and cleaning the pan or container whenever possible.

    Shelter For Parrots and Birds

    Parrots and other birds may also nest on your balcony if the right materials and safe shelter are available for raising their young ones. Some birds nest in cavities, some in open nests, so there are different styles of birdhouses that you can choose from.

    You can buy the right type of birdhouse that would provide a safe shelter for the parrots and other birds that you wish to attract to your balcony. Hang these birdhouses on a pole hook or branch generally about five to six feet off the floor.

    So if you wish to enjoy the company of beautiful birds like parrots, make sure you use the tips carefully. Try to avoid hand feeding to the birds because it can pose risk for both bird and yourself. The bird may get tempted to eat your finger and you would definitely not want that to happen.

    Parrots have really sharp beaks, so their bite can a little bit painful. Also, make sure to feed the correct food to parrots and other birds, please do a little bit of research before feeding the birds, so that your kind intention may get backed up by correct actions.

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