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Anti Termite Treatment – Full Guide With Home Remedies

    Anti termite treatment prevents the entry of termites also known as white ants into your home and other buildings. Termites eat away wood and other cellulose materials and damage the woodwork as well as furnishings of the building.

    One should take care right from the initial stages of the construction to safeguard against the termite attack rather than treating after the attack. And for that, you have to prepare a proper chemical barrier that shall be continuous and complete.

    The anti termite treatment for a building which is under construction comprises of treating the soil with approved chemical from foundation to the plinth level including plinth filling. The chemical emulsion has to be applied uniformly without leaving any gaps.

    Anti termite treatment

    What Are Termites

    We can define termites as insects that aids in the decomposition of the cellulosic debris that our planet produces. These termites are found all over the world and there are various different species of termites all over the world.

    The main issue with termites is that they are primarily known for creating structural damage to the home that we live in and other structures that we use for various purposes. The termites cause more monetary damage to homeowners than the storms and fire combined.

    These termites are more active in the warmer season than the winter season. They generally go unnoticed into the corners and ignored parts of the home. The homeowners generally notice they have termites when the colonies of the termites balloon up.

    How To Identify Termites In Your Home

    Having termites in your home is nothing short of a big nightmare. The last thing that you want is termites eating your investments. So if you are aware of the destruction they can cause, you should definitely be prepared to guard your home against them.

    Identifying termites can be quite a difficult task especially for an untrained person. These termites lead very cryptic lifestyles, they are experts in hiding and they are not at all easily noticeable.

    How To Identify Termites

    Some termites make colonies outside of the home, in the ground, and travel underneath the ground, to the house, eat the wood and then go back to their colony. Other types of termites can make their colonies inside the walls of the house.

    So, it is very difficult to identify them because they are hiding almost all the time. One of the ways most people find out they have termites in their house is by seeing swarmers. The termites reproduce and try to spread their colonies.

    And this is the time people will start to see termites coming out, all of a sudden they will see the winged termites, flying all over the place. This is a clear indication that the house is infected with a termite colony.

    Home Remedies For Termite

    The termites can destroy the furniture and other items in the home quite quickly. So if you see a small area of infestation, it’s imperative to know how to prevent them and what to do once you find them.

    There are a few home remedies that you can try that will help to prevent termites from appearing and sustaining in your home.

    Boric Acid

    Boric acid is a common chemical compound that is used to treat various kinds of infections. It can also be used to get rid of the termites at your home. It is one of the components of many different insecticides available in the market.

    The boric acid attacks the termite’s nervous system and dehydrates them.  You need to mix equal parts of sugar and boric acid and put them in little containers around the affected areas.

    Kitchen Salt

    Kitchen salt is sodium chloride and it is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting. It can also prevent termites from appearing, all you need to do is mix equal parts of salt and water and soak some cotton balls in the mixture.

    Now put the soaked cotton balls on top of the furniture and around the infected areas. The cotton is mainly made up of cellulose and attracts the bugs while the salt dehydrates them and drives them away.

    Home Remedies Termite Treatment

    Vaseline Jelly

    Vaseline jelly is not exactly a termite poison as it does not kill them. But it is effective in serving as a repellent to the termites as it helps to create a kind of protective barrier against them.

    You can rub some vaseline jelly on the area of your furniture that you feel is prone to infestation. Let the vaseline sit for one or two days, and then you can wipe it off and polish it with a soft cloth.

    Essential Oils

    The essential oils can also prove to be effective in eliminating the termites from your home. The best essential oils for this purpose are orange, clove, cinnamon, mint, and eucalyptus.

    You need to pour some of the oil into a spray bottle and spray the affected areas. In case the infestation is on a large scale and these tips don’t help with your termite infestation, you should call a professional exterminator.

    Cost Of Anti Termite Treatment

    The overall cost of anti termite treatment by an expert agency will depend on many factors in treating the home or any other building. In order to get a fair assessment of the price on an anti termite service proper inspection on the home.

    A proper inspection will help to know the exact level of infestation. It will include identifying the foundation type of the home, points of entry of termites into the home, an anti termite treatment plan for the home, etc.

    The anti termite treatment chemicals are injected under and around the foundation. They are prepared to soak well into the soil and once they bond with the soil they do their job effectively.

    Cost Of Anti Termite Treatment

    There are many varieties of termiticides available in the market. There also are many low-grade, low-cost, and generic products in the market. These provide the termite control operator with a lower chemical price expense.

    And accordingly, they also provide the consumer with a lower price point for the overall anti termite treatment. But they don’t always give the consumer the best overall value, because they break down quickly. So you should choose wisely.

    If the infestation is at a large scale the anti termite treatment becomes a specialized job. And it should be executed by a specialized agency which has sufficient experience of carrying out similar works in this field.

    Damages Caused By Termites

    Termite is a very dangerous pest that can harm your home and the stuff present in it, in many different ways. The termites are continuously on an eating spree, they can eat almost everything. They can eat your door frames, doors, windows, tables, chairs, and all other furniture items and make them hollow.

    They can also enter your almirah and eat your important documents which you have kept in the almirah or cupboard. These termites can also feast on any other stuff in the cupboard like your clothes, cash, and almost all other items.

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