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Amazing Study Table Ideas – How To Decorate A Study Table

    If you also ponder about the question – how to decorate a study table? Then this article will surely help you with some amazing study table ideas. With the increasing influence of online classes, the study table has become the new den of kids.

    Accordingly, it becomes very important to make the study table of kids an interesting place. You have to ensure that study materials and other essentials for studies and online classes are well organized and easy to access.

    This will help the kids to stay focused and study efficiently. It will help them to adapt well to new ways of studies like work from home and online classes. Let us have a look at some of the cool study table ideas that you can use for your study table.

    Organizing The Drawers

    The utilization of drawer spaces of your study table is very critical. If you arrange the drawers properly then it would save a lot of mess. You should mark separate drawers to store your school textbooks and notebooks.

    study table ideas

    Use other drawers to keep all the other study essentials organized. You must use a wooden drawer organizer to keep items segregated such as pens, pencils, markers, etc. If all the items are organized properly then they are easy to access in time of need.

    These drawer organizers also help you to keep the other important items like sketch pens, sharpeners, erasers, paper clips, scissors, and glue sticks. All these items help kids in completing their assignments and projects.

    White Board For Study Table

    With kids, you definitely need a whiteboard so that they can scribble anytime they want. This not only reduces paper wastage but also lets the kids have fun with their studies.

    study table ideas

    If you do not want your whiteboard to take a lot of space then you can paste a whiteboard sheet on a nearby wall. This whiteboard sheet will help the kids to express themselves freely.

    If you are planning to use a whiteboard sheet on the wall then you should create the border with tape. This border will prevent the wall from the marks accidentally made by the marker.


    A pinboard is a place that can be used for so many purposes. It can be used for decorating study table with stickers, paper clips, arts, etc. You can pin a calendar here to mark important dates and school holidays.

    how to decorate study table

    You should place the pinboard right in front of your study chair so that it always remains in sight. Also, try to buy colorful sticky notes to remember the important stuff that you need to by simply pasting them on the pinboard.

    Beautiful Pen Holder

    Pens or pencils are the main weapons of a student. So it is very important to keep them handy at an appropriate place on your study table. A beautiful pen holder is something you must choose properly to store all your pens and pencils.

    pen holder study table ideas

    You can also make a DIY pen holder if you want something as per your own taste. The importance of a pen holder cannot be emphasized much, it saves a lot of mess on the table. A study table is incomplete without a beautiful pen holder.

    Study Lamp or Light

    Light is a very significant factor in deciding your focus and concentration. The right amount and type of light help the kids to read and study properly. It saves them from eye stress and fatigue.

    study table ideas

    Avoid placing the light source at the eye level in front of the study chair. It should be preferably set above the table and pointing downwards at the table. This focus of light on the table enables the kids to study properly.

    Plants Near Study Table

    Since a study table is within the four walls of a room it may seem to be a little banal. Indoor plants are an amazing way of making the whole place lively. These small plants make the whole place light up with their beauty.

    study table ideas plants

    There are some amazing indoor plants that produce a high amount of oxygen. They also purify the space by absorbing harmful molecules from the air. So you should definitely consider using these plants at or around your study table.

    Important Tips For A Study Table

    • You must ensure that the items on a study table are as per the needs and preference of the person using it.
    • Keeping a minimum amount of stuff on the table ensures more working space and lesser distractions for the user.
    • A small calendar must be placed on the table as it helps to keep track of your set goals and targets.
    • There should be a proper provision of a mug or water bottle so that one can take a sip of water or juice whenever required.
    • A chair with appropriate height complementing the study table should be used for sitting while studying.
    • The height of the study table should be such that the kids sit comfortably in a proper posture on the chair.
    • The color combination of the study table and things around it should be of lively and simple colors.

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