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9 Best Balcony Colour And Texture – Best Combinations

    Setting the right colour or texture for your balcony is the most important aspect of creating a fantastic balcony. A balcony is a place in your home that lets you enjoy freedom and limitlessness. And if you have the luxury of a good view from your balcony then it makes things even better for you.

    There are a few important factors that you must consider while choosing the balcony colour for your balcony.

    • Size of the balcony.
    • The shape of the balcony.
    • The direction of the balcony.
    • Lighting arrangement in the balcony.
    • The roof height of the balcony.
    • Type of grill in the balcony.
    • The theme of design in the balcony.
    • Furniture on the balcony.

    Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind you can use any of the following colours or texture patterns for your balcony.

    Cream And Blue Balcony Colour Combination

    balcony colour combination cream and blue

    Cream and blue colours provide a great contrasting look for your balcony. The cream colour provides a soothing feel to the balcony while the blue colour can be used for highlighting.

    You can use the black colour for the grills of the balcony. Or else you can also use a darker shade of blue colour on the grills.

    Wooden Texture Balcony

    wooden texture balcony

    A wooden texture something that looks good almost everywhere. It gives a classy look to every place where it is used. So it can be used for your balconies too. Although it may make your costs go a little high.

    There are various methods for getting a wooden texture. So you can analyze the costs as per your budget for getting this texture on your balcony.

    Yellow Colour Balcony

    yellow balcony colour

    There are a plethora of shades of yellow colour that you can use for the balcony to make it look stunning. The yellow colour makes your balcony look peppy and lively.

    If you have a balcony on the eastern side then it makes it even more interesting. The early rays of the sun brighten up the whole space of your balcony and make it an amazing positive place to spend your mornings.

    Sea Green Balcony Colour

    sea green balcony colour

    Sea green is an extraordinary colour, it is one of those colours which are getting more popular by the day. So if you want a colour that is out of the normal league of colours then you should definitely try this colour.

    You can use a contrasting colour like bright yellow or bright orange to mix things up. Being a shade of a green colour it provides a certain calmness to the surroundings in which it is used.

    Black And White Combination

    black and white balcony

    The black and white colours have been around for ages but they never turn old. These are the favorites colours of people who like to go the minimalist way of designing or decorating their homes.

    The white colour is very suitable for small balconies as it makes space look bigger and spacious. The black colour should be used on the grills or balustrades for contrast.

    Pink Balcony Colour

    Pink balcony colour

    The colours not only beautify your space but also say a lot about your choices and style. So if you wish to make a statement with your balcony then pink is the colour for you.

    The pink colour makes your balcony shine and also makes it stand out amongst other structures. This colour is not used very commonly and as such it makes your balcony unique.

    Earthly Colours For Balcony

    earthly colour balcony

    If you are someone who likes to keep things simple and banal then you can use the earthly colours for your balcony. But you should make sure that you have enough space and lighting in your balcony.

    A balcony in the east direction is suitable for using these colours. A balcony in the east gets an ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. This does not make the balcony look dull.

    Brick Texture Balcony

    A brick texture in the balcony makes it look classy and elegant. It generally has a red shade but you can use any other colour as per your liking on this texture.

    This texture looks great with plants and creepers. It gives a natural look to your balcony. It is quite easy to make and it does not even require a lot of investment.

    Orange Balcony Colour

    orange balcony colour

    Orange is one of those colours which make your space look special. It is a pleasant colour that can be used for even a small-sized balcony. As it makes the balcony look more spacious.

    If you have a balcony in the west direction then you should consider using this colour for your balcony. The saffron rays during the sunset beautifully align with the orange colour on the balcony.

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